Why Does A Steam Iron Leak Water?

Do you ever wonder  “why does a steam iron leaks water”? Having a leaking iron can draw some kinds of concerns. 

However, it might not be as bad as you think. In this article, not only will we explain the reason why your iron may be leaking, but we’ll also show you how to prevent leaks from happening. It’s always a good idea to know if it is working properly.

With that said, let’s take a look now at why your steam iron may be leaking water.


Why Does A Steam Iron Leak Water – Common Causes

One of the usual causes behind an iron leaking water could be low heat. If the iron’s temperature is less than 212 degrees (F), water will leak rather than produce steam. It will leak if you use your iron too early and it’s not hot enough.

Yes, modern irons use features that will prevent leakage and dripping from happening. So now that you know one of the main causes for a leaking iron, let’s take a look at some preventative measures that you need to take.


How to Prevent Your Iron from Leaking

Do Not Overfill the Iron

This is obvious. Do not overfill the iron with water. Make sure it’s filled to the maximum line that you’ll find on the case of the water tank itself.

Make sure that the water tank is sealed properly. You might think that it’s sealed well, but double-checking it will help prevent accidental leaks.

Wait for the Iron to Heat Up

Yes, you’ll want to be patient and let the iron heat up for the time allotted. The higher its wattage, the quicker it will heat up. The iron will give you an indicator to let you know when it is warm enough to use.

Use the Steam Feature At Times

You can use the steam feature when needed. Don’t use it constantly as it will cause water leakage to occur. Use it only when you need to remove wrinkles that might be a challenge to get rid of.

Turn Off the Steam if the Iron is Low in Heat

This is self-explanatory. If the iron is low in heat, it will not be able to produce steam. For that reason, make sure the steam feature is shut off. Modern irons will have a feature that will shut off the steam automatically.


Final Thoughts

If your steam iron leaks, now you’ll know exactly why it does. Make sure that your iron is warm enough, so leakage does not occur when you use it. Follow the prevention procedures that we have listed above so you don’t run into any accidents.

Remember that some irons will have an anti-leak feature. However, leaks can still occur.

This will make the difference between smooth ironing and leaving your clothes with wet spots that shouldn’t be there. We hope this guide has been helpful for you!