Which Way Should An Ironing Board Face?

Ironing may seem like a simple task. However, there is one question that people ask. Which way should an ironing board face?

The answer of which way is right will surprise you, especially when you don’t iron a lot. Let’s take a look at which way an ironing board should face so you can take this advice to heart the next time you bust out the iron.

What Direction Should An Iron Board Face?

According to people who rely on their irons for de-wrinkling their clothes, it depends on their handiness. For example, if you are right-handed, the nose of the board should be pointing left. Likewise, if you are left-handed, the nose of the ironing board will be pointing right. If you have ironed in the past, you may have done this the right way.

If you point the board right and you iron with your right hand, it may seem a bit awkward. The same with your left hand if the board is pointing left.

But what if you are ambidextrous? Do you have to flip over the board every time you switch hands? Well, you could switch to the other side.

If you are standing on one side of the board facing right, you can move to the other side and ensure that the board’s nose is pointing leftward. All it takes is just a few steps.

So now, you know exactly where the end of the ironing board should point. At the risk of making it sound confusing, here’s a rule of thumb to go by – right (hand) is left (board) and left (hand) is right (board)—something like that.

Why is this Important?

Having an iron board pointing in the proper direction can save you plenty of time. Not to mention, it makes the process a bit more streamlined. And finally, it will also make things less awkward in terms of using an iron.

As strange as it sounds, ironing with your right hand while the board is pointing right is like putting your shoes on the wrong feet. It feels pretty awkward. Sometimes, things pointing in the same direction as your preferred hand may not always be correct after all.


There you have it. You know which direction your ironing board should face each time you iron. It may seem a little weird at first!

But if you try it out for yourself, you’ll see that it’s more comfortable with the board going left if you iron right. It saves you time and a lot of frustration trying to get those pesky wrinkles out.

What if you are using those ironing boards that are attached to cabinets? Well, that means one thing. Stand on one side of the board to where the nose is pointing opposite your handiness (right/left or left/right).