Where To Store An Ironing Board

The ironing board is one of the many household tools that are often overlooked. It’s an essential for keeping your clothes looking good and the key to appearing put-together, but it’s not one of the first things you think about when designing your home or shopping for appliances. This makes it difficult to find a suitable storage area for an ironing board once you have it.

In this article, we will present various creative ways to store your ironing board along with the iron and other supplies. But first, remember to get rid of any ironing supplies that you don’t want to keep before you move on and try to figure out how to organize and store what’s left.

Where to Store Your Ironing Board

Built-In Ironing Boards

Built-in ironing boards are a popular choice among those who live in smaller apartments or dorm rooms because they are great space savers. You don’t need a designated storage space – just an extra cabinet drawer – for it.

This type of ironing boards usually come with a kit with complete step-by-step instructions on how to install it, so don’t be intimidated by the whole thing. Once installed, the ironing board is attached to the wall, in an empty drawer, or to the back of a door by one end. The “legs” are also foldable so they also fold back up when not in use. Once folded up, there is a locking mechanism that keeps it from coming down when not needed.

Because built-in ironing boards are hidden and fold flat, you have the freedom to choose where to install it. If you like it in your laundry room because you want to do everything laundry-related in there, you can attach it to a wall and not worry about hiding it. If you want it in your bedroom or walk-in closet, it can be easily attached to the back of a closet door, the room’s door or, again, just to one of your walls without hiding it.

Anything is possible with built-in ironing boards, plus, you don’t have to deal with setting it up and folding it every time you have to iron your clothes.

Wall Ironing Cabinet

Why not go the extra mile and install a cabinet made specifically for the ironing board? Pick an empty wall in your house, particularly in your laundry room, and attach the built-in ironing board there. Then, mount a cabinet door that will cover up the ironing board, supplies, and power outlet when not in use. This will be like a designated ironing station, and it will not look off against the rest of your home.

Wall-Mount Organizer And Anchor

If built-in ironing boards are simply not your thing, portable ironing boards can still be stored in the back of one of your doors. Just get a wall anchor and wall-mount organizer, both readily available in most hardware stores. It will be best to look for metal or iron ones, but most organizers will be sturdy enough to hold your ironing board and supplies to the door, as long as the board is not too heavy.

You can keep the iron, your fabric starch spray, and other ironing supplies in the organizer and hook up the ironing board on the anchor. This way, everything you need to iron your clothes is in one place.

Over-the-door Ironing Board Holder

If you have a particularly heavy ironing board or you just don’t trust wall-mount anchors much, go for an over-the-door holder. It’s just like a wall-mount holder from the previous item except it’s hooked over the top of the door, making it more secure and reliable to hold all of your ironing supplies. The “hook” is made thinner than the rest of the holder, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting into the space between the top of the door and the edge of the wall above it.

Coat Hook And Panels

You don’t have to spend to make a nice-looking storage area for your ironing supplies. Get old yet sturdy and functional coat hooks (you need at least two) and attach them to a wall. Make sure that they are perfectly parallel and far enough from each other so that they support both sides of the ironing board.

Get creative and install wall panels beside it for a place to store all your ironing supplies there. Decorating your ironing board wouldn’t hurt either. Try making an ironing board cover using a fabric that comes in any design you like – much better if it matches your walls.

It really doesn’t have to be fancy. All it takes to make something as unsexy as an ironing board looking good to keep everything organized in one place.

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