Tacklife Portable Washing Machine: A Full Review

If you’re in the market for a portable washing/drying machine that offers a compact size and a reliable performance, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re reviewing the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine to help you decide whether or not it’s right for your cleaning needs.

A Large Washing Drum

The first feature that most users notice is the large washing drum. The Tacklife Portable Washing Machine is equipped with a washer tub capacity of up to 11 pounds. This means you can load several clothing articles and a few towels per cycle. 

The washer tub utilizes 300 watts of power to provide maximum efficiency and consistent results with each use. This way, your laundry will come out as clean and fresh as every time.

A Filter Net

If you take a look at the side of the interior drum, you’ll find a removable net or mesh bag integrated into the wall. This net serves as a filter that catches stray threads, dirt, wrappers, and random items you may have accidentally left in your pockets.

Filtering out such things helps prevent clogs and damage to the machine.

A Fast Spinner

As you can probably tell, the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine is a twin tub model. This means it features a spinner beside the washing drum. 

The spinner wrings out the loaded laundry to remove excess moisture after washing. This helps dry the clothes in less time compared to just hanging them without spinning.

The spinner tub accommodated a capacity of up to 6.6 pounds, which means you can use it to dry about half the amount of clothes you can clean the washing drum per cycle.

However, the spinner doesn’t operate using the same motor as the washer tub like many twin tub washing machines on the market. Instead, it runs via a separate motor that’s rated at 110 watts of power. 

The drum rotates at a high speed but it comes with a plastic cover plate to prevent clothes from being thrown away against the door while using the spinner.

A Simple but Precise Control Panel

When dealing with too many buttons and LED lights, it’s easy for a lot of people to get overwhelmed. If you’re worried about the operation being too confusing, then the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine should be right up your alley.

Featuring straightforward yet precise controls, this unit is equipped with 3 turn knob dials. The knob on the left is a 15-minute timer for the washer tub plus a 20-minute timer for the soaking function when you opt for more thorough cleaning.  

The knob on the right is a 5-minute timer for the spinner and the knob in the middle is for selecting the washing mode.

A Compact Size

One of the main reasons why people living in apartments or traveling in RVs don’t get a full-size washing machine is the limited space. If you live in a small house, a tiny condo, or a cramped dorm, then you know the frustration of not having enough room when it comes to owning household appliances.

Luckily, the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine can help solve such an issue thanks to its compact size. This twin tub unit has overall dimensions of 25.6 by 14.2 by 28.8 inches (Length x Width x Height), which is about the size of a mini-fridge.  

A Portable Design

The level of portability offered by any portable washing machine depends entirely on how much it weighs. As such, you should know that the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine weighs in at 28 pounds.

Granted, that’s not exactly a breeze for everyone to carry, but it’s still pretty lightweight compared to other washing machines marketed as a portable model. 

Even if you can’t lift it on your own, you can drag it without problems. Also, you can bring in a second person to help you carry and transport this twin tub washing machine.

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  • Color: White and Black or Blue
  • Washer Size: Compact
  • Voltage Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Motor RPM: 1300
  • Rated Washing Capacity: 11 pounds
  • Rated Spinner Dryer Capacity: 6.6 Lbs (half of the washing capacity)
  • Washer Power: 300 watts
  • Spinner Power: 110 watts
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 54° C (129.2° F)
  • Length Of Inlet Pipe: 59 inches, equipped with a clamp
  • Length Of Drain Pipe: 22 inches
  • Overall Size: 25.6 inches x 14.2 inches x 28.8 inches (Length x Width x Height)
  • Overall Weight: 28 pounds
  • Washing Cycle Length (Time): Up to 15 minutes
  • Soaking Time: Up to 20 minutes
  • Spin Time: Up to 5 minutes
  • Modes: Select from Soft / Standard / Drain
  • Warranty: 30-day Amazon return policy; must contact the seller directly about the warranty


  • It’s rather lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It offers a space-efficient solution for doing laundry. 
  • This unit comes with a filter bet to catch debris.
  • The control panel is precise and user-friendly.
  • It features a soaking function.
  • The washer and the spinner operate via independent motors.
  • Washing and drying clothes simultaneously saves a lot of time.


  • Since the draining relies on gravity, it can be challenging if you try to do it in your bathtub or above height. A floor-level drain is required.
  • The instructions can be improved. Some users had a hard time understanding the translation.

What Customers Say

At the time of writing our review, 69% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine a 5-star rating, while 7% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating.

In general, users were impressed by the convenience and performance offered by this twin tub washing machine. Many were impressed by the size-power tradeoff of this unit as well as its ease-of-use and budget-friendly price point.

The Verdict

There you have it, a full review of the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine. So, is it worth the investment? Absolutely. 

This unit has everything you’d need in a portable washing machine including a separate dryer and a compact size. Not to mention, it’s super affordable!

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2 thoughts on “Tacklife Portable Washing Machine: A Full Review”

  1. Hello. I own one of these washers. Very pleased with the power and capacity of drum, and the spinner works well, too (though I wish it were bigger so I would be able to fit a lightweight blanket). My complaints are the inlet hose – though I can fill it with a garden hose – and the drain hose. I tried letting the hose down on the floor near the shower drain but it didn’t work. So I have to elevate the machine so that the hose hangs down, but this is inconvenient as I have to drain into a bucket. It’s hard work! So I was wondering if there is a way to put in a drain pump, or if it is even worth the trouble. I really like how this washer works but it’s not easy to use under this circumstance.

    • All you have to do is put the machine in the tub, lay the house down on the tub floor, and wash and drain and spin and drain your clothes. It doesn’t matter where the hose goes. I just lay it down under where it is attached. You do not need to drain it into a bucket. My washer and drain are both on the bathtub floor and I’ve been doing this for 2 1/2 years. It’s so simple!


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