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Secura Instant-Steam Handheld Fabric and Garment Steamer Review

The Secura Instant-Steamer produces professional level results for nearly all steaming needs. If you are dealing with a clunky steam iron that makes your hand ache, you’ll love the lightweight feeling provided by the Secura Instant-Steamer.

I have always had problems with the heat-up time of my steamer such that if I need to be out of the door in a few minutes, it’s actually impossible. That’s why am on the market looking for a fast steamer that is small and comfortable in my hands. Here’s what I found about the Secura Instant-Steamer.

1000 Watts of High Power

As you all know, only hot steam gets you a polished and professional look on all your outfits. The Secura Instant-Steam achieves this condition thanks to the high 1000 watts power. Even for the small size, it manages to use high energy to produce instant steam. In a matter of seconds, this steamer gives off hot steam that tackles tough wrinkles on heavy fabrics as well as light fabrics like satin and silk.

Stainless Steel Faceplate

Although most of us prefer ceramic on faceplates, the Secura Instant-Steamer ensures you’ll never regret using a stainless steel faceplate. It glides smoothly since it resists scarring and rust formation. It has sleek edges which make sure it does not catch on clothes when you move swiftly back and forth on the garment.

Features and Specifications

  • The Secura Instant-Steam is a handheld design that is ideal for de-wrinkling clothes right on the hanger.
  • It has an 8.5 oz detachable water tank. It provides the ease of refilling even when the iron is in use. The water can run for 20 minutes which lets you steam most pieces of your outfits in one sitting.
  • It has a detachable cleaning brush which attracts dust, pet’s fur, and even lint. It lets you have a wholesome experience in refreshing your clothes and leaving them looking as good as new.
  • The rotating non-bind power cord is essential in preventing tangling, and it gives you enough range of motion when moving around constantly.
  • It meets North America Safety Standards against overheating and protection from power surges. This gives you the security knowing it will shut off in case of power fluctuations.
  • It does not spit water when turned sideways meaning you can reach to tight areas and tough wrinkles around buttons.
  • The lightweight design indicates a device that you can work with for long hours without feeling fatigued.
  • It is compact and streamlined for fitting into small spaces, making it a portable steamer.
  • It uses an ergonomically placed ON/OFF button that sits in proximity to where the thumb holds when using it. This placement also favors persons with short fingers since you don’t need to use the other hand to switch it ON and OFF.
  • It has 2-years warranty which is great since you’ll always get customer service and repairs in case the unit encounters some technical issues.

What Customers are saying

The Secura Instant-Steam comes with some unique features. First off is the handheld design followed by the 1000-Wattage. It has an instant steam feature which gives off steam in 15seconds.

Most buyers on Amazon are satisfied with this device. It has over 300 reviews which indicate many people are willing to test it. Even with the happy look by most owners, it does not lack some flaws which have been voiced. This includes, “It helps light wrinkles…does not fix heavily wrinkled clothes,” and “It is difficult squeezing the trigger…I have to push down hard.”

But I am pleased that I found overwhelming positive reviews about the Secura Instant-Steam. These include; “WOW I Mean WOW…this is one awesome steamer” and “It has the best steam…better than any traveling steamer I’ve had before,” and, “Great steamer…lightweight and does the job.”

It’s quite pleasing to find a steamer that is reliable even if it is compact. Seeing the tremendous positive response, it’s pretty easy to recommend the Secura Instant-Steam.

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There are lots of options in the Secura Instant-Steam price-range, but its features make it stand out among the many models. We have seen that it has an instant steam function, as well as 1000 watts of power, and it is a lightweight, handheld device. It is for every person who needs to look polished even on the go.  

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