Rowenta DW9280 1800Watt Steam Force Professional Steam Iron Review

The Rowenta DW9280 is an ultra-modern steam iron that has all the specs of a high-quality steam iron. If you are tired of steam irons that can’t hold up the heat for a decent period, then you’ll like to have a look at the Rowenta DW9280.

My old steam iron couldn’t get through a bunch of clothes before it leaks after cooling down on its own. That’s why am on the market looking to own one of the best steam irons. After researching a couple of steam irons, here’s what I found out about the Rowenta DW9280.

400 Micro Steam Holes

Only a few models in the Rowenta series have 400 steam holes. And as you know, the number of steam holes is a good indicator of how efficient your steam ironing tasks are going to be. With 400 steam holes, it showcases that this steam iron can meet tough ironing demands.  

It boasts a high steam output thanks to the numerous vents which are evenly distributed all over the sole plate. We like that even with the high number of steam holes, this model remains affordable, unlike other brands that utilize the same technology.

Non-Stick Stainless Steel Sole Plate

The Rowenta DW9280 features a stainless steel soleplate. Although I have always preferred ceramic soleplates, the DW9280 applies non-stick silicon coating which provides a super polished look for smooth gliding. You can expect to spend less time moving back and forth on the clothes since this sole plate has very little resistance.

You can use it on all types of fabrics as it resists scratching. You’ll also like that it is easy to maintain since you’ll only need to wipe the plate clean after every use.

Features and Specifications

  • The 1800 watts of power is incredibly high to ensure that it heats up in the least time possible. It gets really hot, and it maintains the set temperature such that it will get to every wrinkle and crease with the first stroke. This should save you time on busy work mornings.
  • It has an exclusive steam pump which delivers 210g/minute of steam. The powerful bursts deal with tough creases as it can push steam up to 30% more than other irons that do not utilize an electric pump.
  • The digital LED display helps to see the selected function as you can choose the temperature and the type of fabric.
  • The precision tip has a shot function which helps in reaching stubborn areas like between buttons, and pleats.
  • It has an anti-calc system which flushes out scum and prevents it from accumulating so that the iron remains working in excellent condition.
  • The self-clean system also works great as it helps to empty off any dirt and minerals that could accumulate and block the holes.
  • It has a steam motion sensor which varies the steam according to the motion of the iron. This saves you power and water since it cuts the water and power each time you stop ironing.
  • The Rowenta DW9280 also has an auto-shut-off mechanism which it applies when the iron is left unattended for 8 minutes in a vertical position or 30 seconds when it’s facing down or lying on the side.

Customers Views

At the time of my review, the Rowenta DW9280  had over 1000 reviews on Amazon. It has a modern look that comes with high power for tough wrinkles, along with the electronic pump which pushes more steam.

Even with the many positive reviews, some owners have voiced their concerns. A customer said, “It is heavy for me… I can’t work for long,” and, “The auto-off feature is a double blessing…not good for quilting garments.”

However the weight of this steam iron and the auto-off feature seems like isolated incidences, other happy customers said, “Most awesome iron I have ever ownedI am in love with it, ”and, “This is the iron to go with…so good ”and,“ Great iron…easy to handle

It is therefore super easy for me to recommend the Rowenta DW9280.

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The Rowenta DW9280 is a versatile product that can handle just about any ironing task you throw at it. It can iron all types of fabric plus it has an electric pump and high power to ensure you’ll have efficient ironing every day.


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