Removing wrinkles effectively: How to choose an ironing board?

When it comes to straightening your clothes and making them more presentable, ironing them is the best option. Sometimes though ironing can be an arduous, time-consuming errand. One factor that causes it to be a very inconvenient task is the ironing board. Maybe it’s time to change it. This article guides you on how to choose an ironing board.

Removing wrinkles effectively How to choose an ironing board

Basically, ironing boards are made of a huge, flat surface covered with heat resistant cover and collapsible legs that are easily folded for storage or use. The board comes in different sizes: 43×12 inches, 49×15 inches, 49×18 inches, 53×18 inches, and 53×19 inches.

How to choose an ironing board?

Although ironing boards all look very similar, they have some differences too, especially when it comes to materials, construction, and type. So, when choosing an ironing board, consider these factors.

#1 Frame

The frame defines the sturdiness of the ironing board. Traditionally, US-made ironing boards are made of raw materials like cold rolled steel. The frame is also made with metal rivets, the rubber or plastic ends of the legs of the supporting parts of the ironing board. Degreasing agents are spewed on the metal parts before they are painted using oil based paint.

The frame should be strong enough to support the entire board and ironing activity. It should not easily collapse or tip over to make ironing easy and prevent accidents.

#2 Height

The height of the ironing board should be adjustable to the hip level of the user. Hip level is best determined when you do the ironing in a standing position. You can also use a portable ironing board if you can sit or stand while doing the task.

#3 Size

An ideal size for the best ironing board is the widest, full size. It is usually 4 feet long and 12-18 inches wide. If you have a spacious room for an ironing board, choose the full-size option. However, for small spaces, a small tabletop ironing board or a wall-mounted ironing board is available.

#4 Weight

Older models of ironing boards are made of wood which is very strong but very heavy. A good ironing board is lightweight enough to make it easy to set up and fold down. It also makes the ironing board easier to transfer from one place to another.

#5 Kind

There are three kinds of ironing board: freestanding, compact, and built-in. The freestanding is the most common among households.  It is built from metal with an adjustable height that conforms to the user. The compact ironing board is very small and portable. It is commonly used in abodes with limited spaces such as college dormitories and condominiums. The built-in ironing board also saves space. It is generally mounted on walls or cabinets so it can be easily set up or folded down for easy storage.

#6 Ironing board cover

The part of the ironing board that makes it safe and easy to use is the cover. Ironing boards are built with covers in different designs and patterns. The aesthetics are entirely based on personal preference. But more than that, the material should be looked into.

Most covers of ironing boards today are made of 100% unbleached cotton.  They are ideally used for daily ironing tasks and to keep the clothes steady while they are being ironed. Another type of cover is made with a reflective, non-stick surface. It ensures that all the heat is transferred to the clothes instead of the board and cover. This allows faster ironing time and protects delicate garments.

While ironing boards may last for a decade, the covers should be replaced every two years. It is also vital that the cover fits the ironing board and let the steam and heat of the iron to pass through them. Reflective covers are more suitable if you have a busy schedule and you need to iron your clothes quickly. On the other hand, 100% cotton covers are more recommend for daily ironing, quilting, and sewing.

Other factors to consider when choosing ironing boards are additional features such as an iron rest, storage hook, sleeve attachment, and hanging rack. They also come at different prices so might also want to consider it if you have a limited budget. Use good quality ironing boards to make your ironing tasks less arduous.

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