My Parker & Co Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board Review – Here’s What I Really Think!

Why isn’t this the universal design of ironing boards?  Take one look at it – there’s no turning back.

The Pro Board from Parker & Company is a powerhouse of an ironing board.  This board is jam packed with features, from a child safety lock system to a “pencil case” style storage pocket to store things like scissors or a remote control nearby.

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There are three key features though that make this thing stand out from the pack:  it’s extra large size, it’s multi-purpose iron rest, and retractable shoulder wings that will change the way you will want to iron shirts forever.  Keep reading and let’s take a closer look at it.

Iron Rest

The Pro Board has a Swiss Army Knife of an iron holder tray.  The tray is made of heavy duty plastic and can hold your iron’s dock or the iron itself (in its standing position of course).  It also has a raisable hook to hold the iron’s cable, keeping the power supply from getting in the way while you’re trying to iron a shirt.  Not only that, the edge of the tray has an indented edge which allows you to hang your clothes hangers on.

XL Board For XL Irons

The Pro Board is large!   If you have to do a lot of ironing in your life and you have the space, this ironing board will allow you to become an ironing wizard – you will be able to knock out an afternoon of ironing in an hour.  Despite its size, it collapses down flat and can be easily stored in a bet or closet or hung on the wall.

Retractable Shoulder Wings

No more trying to fit the shoulders of your shirt around the tight bottom corner of your ironing board.  The Pro Board utilizes a unique patented retractable shoulder wing that turns the tapered end of your ironing board into shoulder-sized squared edges, perfect for fitting shirts across and allowing you to iron the chest, back, shoulders, and collars without having to hastily move it around and potentially adding a new wrinkles to areas you just ironed.

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Features & Specifications

  • unique retractable shoulder wing system
  • XL Board at 58″ x 18″ x 4″
  • enables using an XL iron
  • cord holder keeps the power supply out of the way
  • heavy duty plastic steam iron rest with indented edge for clothes hanger
  • attached carrying can hold scissors, remote control, etc
  • multi-layered board cover
  • child safety leg locking system


Some of the parts aren’t quite as high quality as you may wish they were.  You can tell the technology will improve as time goes on, but this seems like a very early iteration of this idea.  Online reviews tend to comment on how the fabric can bunch up around the shoulder wing edges, particularly when they are in the open position.

As mentioned above, this is an XL board, so keep that in mind – this thing is large!  While it does fold up for easy storage, you do need to have a decent sized place to stash it, as well as a fairly large space to unfold it and use it.  Not for small apartments!


The Pro Board from Parker & Company is not for the faint of heart – don’t be overwhelmed by the size of the abundance of features.  This ironing board will take your ironing to the next level.  Click the button below and take a closer look for yourself.

For a great steam iron to pair with this board, check out the Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron.

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