Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board Review 2023: Protect Your Arms From Strain

If you’re anything like me, there has been so many days when you’ve had to stand at the ironing board for long periods of time while you iron clothes.  If you have children, de-wrinkling clothes successfully can take even longer.  

Standing at an ironing board forces you to have to make a lot of the same movements over and over again, which can lead to repetitive strain injury.

Repetitive strain injury can affect millions of people every day.  While it is more commonly associated with typing, you can be at risk from using an ironing board and iron, particularly if you have multiple large loads that will keep you at it for an extended period of time.  

While I am definitely not a doctor and this is definitely not medical advice, you should take actions in your routine to minimize the risks.  Unfortunately, many irons and ironing boards are not designed with ergonomics in mind, but instead are based on the same old tired design that’s been around for ages.

The Minky Ergo Plus ironing board is a bold, futuristic looking board that stands out from the others because of its focus on helping the person wielding the iron.  Protect your wrists, fingers, and forearms from strain and aching with its specially designed feature.


The Minky Ergo Plus ironing board is built with ergonomics at the top of mind (hence the Ergo name).  The manufacturer says it’s built for “comfort, speed, and performance.”

First, the flex guide allows you to clip the iron cord onto the ironing board, keeping it from snagging and allowing you ease of movement around the board.  

Next, there is a lower level rack for a steam generator, which keeps this device out of sight and out of the way while you’re moving around.

Lastly, the ergonomic iron rest is designed to follow the natural motion of the arm and hand as you set down and raise the iron, lowering unnecessary strain.  It is also useful for both left handed and right handed people. Being a southpaw myself, it’s great to see a company adding some features for us!

Prozone Heat Resistant Cover

One of the best ways to keep repetitive strain injury away is to stop doing the repetitive movements.  How can you do this when ironing? Well, the answer is to get finished faster.

The Minky Ergo Plus ironing board helps speed up the ironing process considerably.  The 100% cotton Prozone heat reflective coating delivers faster crease removal throughout your clothes with the heat resistance metallic coating.

This combined with the extra thick felt underlay gives you a ultra-clear ironing surface to work on and an ultra-smooth experience, which allows you to breeze through your clothing stack.

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  • Dimensions: 57.7 x 16.1 x 37 inches
  • Item weight: 13.89 pounds, shipping weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Ironing surface: 48 x 15 inches
  • Metal mesh top allows steam to pass through
  • Flex guide to clip iron power cord to
  • Comes in both Plus model (reviewed here) and standard model (no low level rack and different style legs)
  • Non-removable steel  iron rest


The adjustable height feature doesn’t use notches to stick to set it to specific heights, allowing you a great control over the height.  Online reviewers indicate that 18” seems to be the lowest it can go (although some users got it lower) and 36” seems to be the max height.

The loop legs give this ironing board a great degree of stability and strength.

The low level rack and the flex guide clip are very helpful to keep stuff out of your way while you iron and keep you from getting twisted and tangled up.


If you don’t use a separate steam generator, then the Plus may be too much ironing board for you.  The standard Minky Ergo ironing board does not have the steam generator shelf and also has a slightly different leg shape.

The unique graphical design on the board is sometimes visible through thin fabrics, which can give the appearance of a stubborn wrinkle while you are ironing.

Some online reviews also indicate the flex guide clip is sometimes missing when it arrives.

What Customer Reviews Say

The Minky Ergo Plus ironing board currently has around 74% 5-star reviews, and about 5% 1-star reviews. 

Many of the reviews praise how easy this ironing board is to fold and unfold, and many praise its strength and sturdiness.  However, there do not seem to be an overwhelming amount of reviews praising the actual ergonomics. I have to believe that ironing board ergonomics is likely something you don’t notice until you start to get the aching forearm.

The negative reviews generally speak to occasional shipping damage.  Some reviewers report that the rubber feet sometimes come damaged or chipped off, which likely occurred in transit.  Additionally, like the Homz Durabilt DX1500 ironing board,  sometimes units are arriving with a manufacturer’s sticker on the cover fabric itself, which proves challenging to remove.


The Minky company is renowned for providing quality products for the British Royal family.  Imagine the amount of linens and garments that go through the Royal family’s housekeeping organization, and think about the people who have to iron all those clothes.  To keep up that level of quality that is expected, you can be certain that the ergonomics play a large role in helping those folks stay productive and injury-free.

The ultra-thick and heat resistant pad and cover of the Minky Ergo Plus ironing board help you tackle wrinkles better, while the unique design of the board and the iron rest allow you to lower the strain you’re placing on your wrists and elbows.

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