Make ironing easy How to close an ironing board

Make ironing easy: How to close an ironing board?

It is rare for someone to love laundry tasks such as washing or ironing clothes. For many people, it is very daunting and time-consuming. Even the steps in operating the machine, testing the iron, or setting up the ironing board take a lot of your energy.

An ironing board is often taken for granted, but here are some basic facts about it and the steps on how to close an ironing board.

An ironing board is made with a flat surface where the garments are placed for ironing. It is supported by many different widths of cold rolled steel and other raw materials such as plastic tips, metal rivets, and degreasing agents. The flat surface is covered with 100% unbleached cotton or other heat resistant fabrics.

Ironing boards come in different kinds – portable, table top, and wall mounted. Each of them varies according to size, style, and portability. All of them are functional and practical depending on the space you have. They can be folded down when not in use for proper storage.

Know how to close an ironing board with the following easy steps!

1.       Locate the lever press of the ironing board. This is usually situated at the end of the ironing board. Sometimes, it is a pair of levers, but only one moves to close the ironing board.

2.       Carefully hold the lever press and the opposite end of the ironing board.

3.       Press the lever slowly while squatting on the floor. The ironing board should go down parallel to the floor slowly as you press the lever.

4.       Notice that as you press the lever, the legs fold up or down. Slightly lower the board to the floor while moving your legs out of the way. When the board comes fully flat on the floor, release the lever.

5.       Then, elevate the ironing board up with its rounded part pointing upward.

6.       Hold the board with your one hand while you secure it in the leg lock using your other hand.

You can also fold the ironing board while you are standing. But when you do it, make sure that your fingers and nails won’t get in the way.

1.       Place your hand to the lever and lean back the board towards the back feet.

2.       While you lower the rear end of the ironing board, raise the rounded tip.

3.       Then, slowly press the lever. As you do this, the front feet rise off the floor and the legs close.

4.       The legs should be completely folded down. Lock them using the leg lock of the ironing board.

The steps above are technically for a portable ironing board. However, these steps can also be applied to other kinds such as the wall mounted or the table top ironing board. Make sure that the wall mounted ironing board is properly secured tight on the wall.

Closing an ironing board is easy and takes some getting used to. If it is your first time, watch your fingers because they might get pinched.

Here are other tips to remember in closing an ironing board:

·         Wait for the iron rest to cool down before you close the ironing board. You might get hurt when you accidentally touch this part.

·         Secure the ironing board legs tightly to prevent it from randomly popping out as you walk past. Secure them to avoid accidents.

·         Place the ironing board where it will not fall or slide.

·         For damaged levers, ask someone to fix it.

·         You can also watch videos on how to properly fold down an ironing board.

Although many people find ironing a daunting errand, you make it fun and light. You might want to listen to music or an audio book while ironing clothes. It will also be fun for children to sprinkle water on the clothes.

Other ways to make ironing light is to use a quality iron and ironing board. This pair goes perfectly. An expensive iron won’t be at its best without a good quality ironing board. Make sure to buy a sturdy ironing board to support the garments and the iron.

Some are built with additional features such as hanging rails, water steam stations, sleeve attachments, iron rests, and more. These features provide more comfort and convenience in doing the task.

Closing an ironing board properly will help ease your laundry task. Do it properly to avoid accidents or breaking your board.

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