How To Close An Ironing Board (Or Fix A Stuck One)

Let’s be honest here – no one really loves having to iron their clothes.  I mean, I do obviously, but I don’t presume I am anything like most people.  I’m pretty sure most people out there are doing only as much ironing as they have to do.  One of the things about ironing that has frustrated people for generations is finishing ironing your laundry, and then having to struggle and fight to collapse your ironing board.

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If you’re suddenly realizing you don’t know how to fold this thing, or if you’re ready to chuck it in the trash because it just won’t close, we’ve got you covered.  In this article we’ll give you some quick and easy steps how to fold up an ironing board, and some advanced troubleshooting steps if things have gone wrong.


How to Close An Ironing Board

Here’s how to fold up a standard ironing board:

  • Clear off the surface of the ironing board.
  • Get access to the underside by turning it on its side with the flat end on the floor and the tapered end pointing up.
  • Locate the lever press – a small latch holding the leg mechanism in the open position.  Sometimes it is  a pair of levers, but only one moves to close the ironing board.
  • Unlatch the lever press and slide it toward the end of the board.  You should notice the legs start to collapse in toward the board.

Be careful not to pinch any part of your body while you’re closing the ironing board.

How to Fold A Stuck Ironing Board

If you’ve already tried the above steps but your ironing board is still fully stuck, there is likely something wrong with your lever press, so you’ll need to release the tension rod manually.  Luckily, it’s not too difficult to learn how to close an ironing board with a broken lever.  Many ironing boards come with an small tool that can be used to unlatch the spring mechanism of the tension rod.  If you’ve still got this tool, great!  Otherwise, you may need a small screwdriver (the smaller the tip the better).

  • Locate the locking mechanism and its bridge on the underside – a small pin of the locking mechanism should stick up through the bridge
  • Apply as much pressure as needed to the pin to release it, using the screwdriver
  • Push or pull the top of the leg towards the end of the board

If that doesn’t work, you’re not licked yet!  Either remove the ironing board cover or reach underneath it to access the top side of the ironing board.  Using the screwdriver, release the tension rod from this side which will allow the legs to close.

Again – make sure you don’t pinch yourself in this process, believe me!


Additional Tips

  • Wait for the iron rest to cool down before you close the ironing board.
  • Secure the ironing board legs tightly to prevent it from randomly popping out as you walk past. Secure them to avoid accidents.
  • Place the ironing board where it will not fall or slide.
  • Try to avoid bending any part of the metal frame.

Although many people find ironing a daunting errand, you make it fun and light. You might want to listen to music or an audio book while ironing clothes. It will also be fun for children to sprinkle water on the clothes.

Other ways to make ironing light is to use a quality iron and ironing board. This pair goes perfectly. An expensive iron won’t be at its best without a good quality ironing board. Make sure to buy a sturdy ironing board to support the garments and the iron.

Some are built with additional features such as hanging rails, water steam stations, sleeve attachments, iron rests, and more. These features provide more comfort and convenience in doing the task.

Closing an ironing board properly will help ease your laundry task. Do it properly to avoid accidents or breaking your board.


Too Late?

If you’re getting to this article too late, or your ironing board turns out to be beyond repair, it’s as good a time as any to upgrade to a better board!

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