Magic Chef Dryer Review

Not having a personal dryer at home or getting stuck with a low-performance dryer can make you despise doing laundry. A good laundry dryer, on the other hand, can make your life easier!

magic chef clothes dryer review

Therefore, it is essential to invest in a good-quality dryer that dries your clothes effectively and is ideal for everyday use. Moreover, if you live in an apartment, dorm, or any other place with limited space, you want a compact dryer that delivers excellent results without taking much space. This is where the Magic Chef Dryer comes in!

Magic Chef is known for its superb-quality and high-value products. The dryer in question is no exception. Read on to learn more about the Magic Chef Dryer and see if it can magically solve all your laundry dryer problems.     

Commendable Features

The front-load Magic Chef Dryer is available in two sizes: 1.5 cu. ft. and 2.6 cu. ft. You can choose the right sized dryer for your home, depending on your laundry needs. Here are some of the most commendable features of this high-value dryer that we love.    

  • Quick Drying

Who has the time to wait all day for dry laundry? No us! Luckily, the Magic Chef Dryer works quickly and effectively, especially when you used to dry a small load. Thanks to the state-of-the-art PTC ceramic heating element and high-grade material used in manufacturing, the air inside the dryer gets sufficiently hot – not just warm. Consequently, clothes dry quickly in a matter of minutes. You can even dry your jeans in less than an hour!   

  • Highly Durable

Magic Chef Dryer can be trusted to perform for years on end when used correctly with care. It features a premium quality stainless steel inner drum that is highly durable. The PTC ceramic heating element technology is also reliable.    

  • Portable Dryer

One of the things that we love the most about the Magic Chef Dryer is its compact and convenient size. Compact in size, the dryer is easily portable. As compared to full-sized, hefty dryers, Magic Chef Dryer will hardly take any space in your home. Whether you live in a small apartment, dorm room, or an RV – the dryer is highly likely to fit right in. You can place it in any corner of your home, including your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Furthermore, you can even mount it on the wall!

  • Flexible Drying Settings

Different clothes have different drying requirements. For such a compact size, it is extremely impressive that the Magic Chef Dryer comes with various drying settings. The different drying modes include Air Dry, Cool, Warm, and Hot. You can easily maneuver the control panel to switch between the drying options to make sure your clothes dry quickly without any kind of damage. You can also opt for the Sensory Dry option!

  • Affordable Price

The cost is one of the deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a dryer– or any other item for that matter. The good news is that the Magic Chef Dryer is highly affordable as compared to full-sized dryers. Plus, considering its high performance and features, it is clear that the machine offers high value for money. Finally, it consumes less energy and dries quickly, which means you will save on your utility bills as well. All in all, the Magic Chef Dryer is a practical purchase that can solve all your drying issues.   

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  • Available with different capacities (1.5 cu. ft. and 2.6 cu. ft.)
  • High performing with PTC Heating Element
  • Allows for timed drying
  • Different temperature settings available
  • Compact and space-saving/ wall mountable
  • Features a swinging door with a clear, integrated viewing window
  • Easy to use with a simple set of knob controls for convenience

Pros – What We Love About Magic Chef Dryer

  • Magic Chef Dryer is a reliable and sophisticated piece of machinery. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty that warrants the appliance to be free from any material or manufacturing defects. You can read more about the Magic Chef Dryer product warranty here.


  • The dyer machine features adjustable timer control for enhanced convenience. All you have to do is place the load in the dryer and get it started. It will take care of everything else and turns off automatically to deliver dried clothes in no time.


  • The setup is super easy. Plus, the power cord is included in the box, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can plug the cord into any standard 3-prong outlet to get the machine up and running immediately. A detailed user manual is also included in the pack to streamline the setup process.  

Cons – What Can Improve

  • Magic Chef Dryer comes with lint and an air intake filter. However, the only problem is that the lint trap is not as easy to change as you’d like it to be. As a result, lint problems might be an issue.   

What Are Customers Saying

The customers appreciate the compact size and high performance of the Magic Chef Dryer. However, some customers complain about the noise level. The dryer has a good rating on the internet and is always in demand. Currently, it has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, with 70% of customers completely satisfied with the performance.  

The Verdict  

If you are looking for a compact dryer to dry your laundry quickly and effectively, the Magic Chef Dryer may be the best choice for you. If space is an issue, you can even mount the dryer on the wall. High performance and easy to use, the machine is ideal for small loads and everyday use. Finally, it is also aesthetically appealing, so regardless of where you place it, your Magic Chef Dryer will fit right in with the décor. All in all, the dryer offers high value for money and makes a practical purchase!

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