Laundry Room Shelvings. Customization Tips and Innovative Ideas.

Expanding the capacity of your laundry room is not that hard, especially when there are several cost-effective and straightforward solutions at bay. Consider open shelves, concealed cabinets, self-shelving structures, and DIY or handmade shelvings. 

An organized laundry room shelving will let you optimize every square inch of your room, regardless of its size. 

Whether you’re installing new shelves or reorganizing and styling the old ones, here are some brilliant ideas for creating an orderly and aesthetic laundry room.


  • DIY Laundry Room Shelvings

Although organizing a laundry room may seem intimidating due to the lack of space, it is nothing to be frightened about. Utilize wall-mounted racks to conserve as much space as possible. 

Consider the following laundry room storage ideas:

  • Increase the space above your washer and dryer by installing open shelves. Open shelves make accessing detergents, cleaning solvents, dryer sheets, and other laundry products easy.


  • Install adjustable shelves to adapt to your family’s changing demands.


  • Wire shelving is a cost-effective and straightforward alternative. You can also install custom wall-mounted wood shelves for a more personalized design.


  • Utilize all available space with corner shelves.


  • If your laundry room does not have enough built-in storage, reorganize an old bookshelf and put it in your laundry room to accommodate more stuff.


Pro Tip: While there are several drying shelves to choose from, the convenience that comes along with a pull-down shelf is unparalleled

If you wash most of your clothes by hand or have delicate items that you don’t put in the dryer, a rack like this is an intelligent addition to the laundry room.


  • Role of Containers and Bins 

Organizing your laundry room becomes much simpler when you have an array of containers to choose from. Small drawers, baskets, cubbies, cube storage are some of the alternatives you can put to use.

  • Wire baskets are neat and uniform and allow you to see through them.
  • Fabric cubes conceal messy clothes and other laundry items to provide an element of design to your laundry room.


  • By putting powder detergent, laundry pods, and clothespins in decorative glass containers, you can transform them into décor.


  • Maintain a hamper or basket for transferring laundry into the washing machine.


  • Use a three-bag laundry hamper to make things easier.


  • Once you’ve sorted your laundry materials and put them in containers, label them to avoid confusion.


Pro Tip: When arranging containers on laundry shelvings, place frequently used goods on lower shelves for easier access. In a bright laundry room, a set of modular rotating laundry baskets are a fantastic addition to facilitate sink-side sorting. 

Invest in a sturdy rolling basket to build an open storage system for different colored garments that you can easily roll in and out.


  • Use Hanging Storage Systems

Adding some space to hang your laundry is an excellent way of increasing storage space in addition to having shelves and cabinetry. Hanging storage is particularly advantageous in smaller laundry rooms.

  • If you have wire shelves, you can attach hangers straight to them.


  • If you have wooden shelves, try including a hanging bar beneath them.


  • Allow sufficient distance between the bottom shelf and the floor, cabinets, or equipment to ensure adequate hanging space.


  • Add a standalone drying rack to your laundry area if you have floor space.


  • Consider a drying rack that pulls out from the wall, door, or ceiling if you lack floor space.


  • You can mount hooks on the back of doors or any available wall space in the room. 
  • You can also hang a pegboard wall. A pegboard equipped with hooks provides flexible storage for laundry and other materials. It also has added space to accommodate odd objects such as dog leashes.


  • Utilize a hanging shoe organizer to store cleaning items on the back of the door.


Pro Tip: Use matching garment hangers for a more aesthetic appearance.


  • Add Some Illumination

Adding some lighting in your laundry room will help you locate stuff better and save you the hassle of scruffing around for the items you are looking for. While adding natural light to your laundry room will help you in the long run, be sure to supplement it with electric lighting for nighttime and darker days.

Expecting to get an endless source of natural light in your laundry room is never going to be feasible, and this is where ambient lighting comes to play. 

Aim for a somewhat lower lighting temperature in the laundry room, and ensure sufficient light to accomplish duties.

General overhead lighting, usually called ambient lighting, should be a staple in your laundry space. You can easily accommodate extra lights by using a flush-mounted or semi-flush-mounted ceiling fixture, a pendant, or even a tiny chandelier.


Ideas for Laundry Room Shelving in a Smaller Space 

If you have a small laundry room or your washer and dryer are stored in a closet, consider the following ideas:

  • Vertical wire shelving racks are an excellent addition to any laundry room, particularly those with stacked washers and dryers.


  • Add laundry pedestals to your washer and dryer. Numerous pedestals come with a storage compartment, a handy feature when storing bottles and containers.
  • Utilize smaller areas to their full potential by adding detachable wheels to your shelving units and tucking them away when not in use.
  • When talking about a compact-sized laundry room, the backdoors come in very handy. You can quickly transform them into an excellent hanging space by making a few tweaks.


  • Get detachable hanging racks that can be put away when not in use.


Pro Tip: When dealing with limited space, you can use a foldable ironing table as a practical folding table for your laundry. Installing a shelf over your washing machine and dryer will act as a countertop.



Customizing your laundry room shelving is not that hard, especially when you realize how straightforward it is. In this article, I have tried my best to give you cost-effective DIY tweaks that will help you transform your laundry room shelvings into an aesthetic and neat area.

Happy DIY’ing, folks!