Kuppet Twin Tub Washing Machine Review

Due to the current pandemic, going to the laundromat may not be available for everyone. And even if you take the necessary precautions, you’ll be wasting a lot of time (and probably money) on your way to and back from the laundromat. Solution? Get a washing machine. 

kuppet washing machine

And don’t worry, I won’t recommend investing $1,000+ on a full-sized washing machine. In this article, I’m reviewing one of the best compact products that combine efficiency with affordability: the Kuppet 16.5lbs Twin Tub Washing Machine

What’s great about it? How much can it hold per cycle? And are there any disadvantages you should know? These are some of the questions that I’ll answer in the following review. Let’s see! 

Simple Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Design

The Kuppet washing machine features two tubs: a washing/rinsing tub and a spin dryer.

Unlike full-automatic machines, you’ll have to manually transfer the clothes to the dryer tub after the washing cycle ends. While this might seem like a ton of work, it can actually cut the laundry time in half. If you have to wash more than one load, you can run both tubs simultaneously to wash and dry faster. 

To drain the water, simply turn the middle knob to the “Drain” option. But remember to turn it back before filling the tub again. Otherwise, the water will flow down the drain right away. 

Comes With All the Needed Accessories

The Kuppet Washing Machine comes with a 30-inch drain hose and a flexible inlet hose. You’ll also find a small plastic cap inside the spin tub, which helps you compress the load inside the tub, guaranteeing a more efficient drying. 

After doing your laundry, you can hang up the drain hose on a small side hook, making it easier to carry the machine wherever you need without having the hose jiggling around. 

Speaking of portability, the machine has two small handles on the side, so you can easily lift it up without having to strain your back by reaching down to the bottom edge.

Two Washing Cycles 

The Kuppet Washing Machine features two washing cycles: normal and gentle. As you might’ve deduced, the main difference between them is in the impeller’s speed and spinning pattern. 

You should do most of your laundry on the normal cycle, especially if you’re washing thick fabrics like linen, denim, cotton, etc. If your load is heavily soiled, run a 15-minute wash cycle, and follow up with a 5-minute spin cycle.  

But when dealing with delicate fabrics, like silk and lace, switch to the gentle setting and limit the wash timer to 6 or 9 minutes. As for drying, 2 or 3 minutes should be more than enough. 

Two Rinsing Options 

When the washing cycle finishes, you can rinse your load in two ways. 

First, you can fill the wash tub with clean water and run the timer for 9 minutes. Although this removes all the soapy residue, it wastes a lot of time. 

Alternatively, you can put your load directly in the spin tub, and hook the feeder hose into the inlet on the right-hand side. Leave the water running for a minute, and then turn on the spinner by activating its timer. This way, water will flow through your clothes at high speed, carrying most, if not all, of the remaining soap. 

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  • Design: top-load with an impeller
  • Wash tub capacity: 11 lbs
  • Spin tub capacity: 5.5 lbs
  • Total capacity: 16.5 lbs 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 21x14x25 inches 
  • Weight: 25 lbs 
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Maximum spin speed: 1300 RPM 
  • Washer Timer: 0–15 min
  • Spin Timer: 0–5 min


The Kuppet Washing Machine features an internal safety mechanism that powers off the motor if it overheats because of overloading or prolonged use. 

But keep in mind that this safety system will power up the machine again after the temperature drops one degree below the maximum limit, meaning that it’ll overheat again shortly. So it’s better to manually unplug the machine for an hour or so, just until the motor cools down completely. 

I absolutely love that the motor runs as quiet as a mouse. Most of the other top load washers can be freakishly noisy, which can be quite disastrous if you have pets or young kids in the house. 


After trying this washing machine, the only significant drawback I noticed was the small capacity. The 11lbs tub can wash up to 10 garments, provided that you combine light and heavy clothes. If you wash only heavy jeans and jackets, the motor might suffer after 3 or 4 garments. 

For large families, I highly recommend buying the Kuppet 26lbs model for a chance to wash up to 17 garments per cycle.

I also didn’t the short drain and inlet hoses. But you can always buy extension tubes that are long enough for your bathroom setup. You can even fill the wash tub with a handheld showerhead if you own one; you don’t have to stick to the dedicated inlet.  

What Customer Reviews Say

At the time of writing, more than 1700 people have reviewed the Kuppet 16.5lbs Washing Machine on Amazon. About 60% of those reviewers gave a 5-star rating, while 13% gave only one star. 

Most of the negative reviews criticized the tiny capacity, saying that it’s barely enough for washing two large, fluffy bath towels. On the other hand, positive reviews were happy about the user-friendly design, quiet motor, sturdy performance, and long lifespan. 

The Final Word 

Do I recommend the Kuppet 16.5lbs twin tub washing machine? That’s an easy yes! Featuring two washing cycles and two tubs, this washer should be strong enough to handle the weekly load of 2 people.

If you have kids, you’ll need to do the laundry almost daily, so the Kuppet 26lbs model will be a wiser pick. 

Since both models have gravity drainage systems, you might want to put your machine onto a mover’s trolly to drain the water seamlessly into the shower base.

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