Iron-A-Way Ironing Center Review

Anyone that has lived in a small apartment will tell you how challenging it can be to keep an ironing board around. These contraptions are essential if you wish to iron your clothes and get those creases out regularly. Unfortunately, the long length of most ironing boards makes them difficult for people living in smaller spaces to own one.

iron-a-way ironing center review

So what do you do if you live in a cramped space which can’t fit a full-sized ironing board? Should you give up on the idea of ironing your clothes, and simply hope your dryer gets rid of any wrinkles or creases on them? Should you iron your clothes on a table or on your bed? 

These would have normally been your only options, until the Iron-a-Way Ironing Center entered the picture.

As its name implies, this amazing ironing board from Iron-a-Way is 42 inches in length and features a convenient fold out design. However, this product is more than just an ironing board. It also includes an electrical receptacle and a hot iron storage compartment, all of which are tucked into a sleek space that resembles a narrow armoire or a wardrobe.

42-Inch Ventilated Metal Ironing Board

The star feature of this product is its 42 inch metal ironing board. This board is made from sturdy ventilated steel and comes with great support brackets that were designed specifically for ironing purposes. The board is also covered with a thick fabric made from 65% poly and 35% cotton to give your clothes a soft yet resilient surface to rest on while they are being ironed.

This board folds out easily and sits at a height of 24 inches above ground. This is approximately waist height, so you can iron your clothes without straining your back from bending over excessively.

Electric Hookup

This product is more than just an ironing board that folds out. It also features a fully functioning electrical receptacle with an automatic disconnect switch. This means you can plug your iron directly into the ironing center without having to worry about finding an available electrical outlet next to the unit.

Motor Timer

Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board also features a 60-minute motor timer for its electrical receptacle. When activated, the built-in electrical receptacle offers power for your iron. When the timer hits 0, the electrical receptacle cuts off power to your iron, allowing it to turn off. 

This motor timer is incredibly helpful for anyone that has forgotten to unplug their iron in the past and inadvertently added a few dollars to their electrical bill.

Hot Iron Storage

The ironing center also features a nifty hot iron storage area where you can store your iron while it is still hot. This storage area features a corner metal plate to prevent the hot iron from burning the cabinet’s wooden frame and is large enough to fit most commercial iron models.


  • Single leg supported 42 inch ventilated metal ironing board with a 65% Poly/35% Cotton fabric covering.
  • Fully functioning electrical receptacle.
  • Electrical raceway with 60 minute motor timer.
  • Work light.
  • Automatic disconnect switch.
  • Premium sized hot iron storage.
  • Cord wrap.
  • Extra storage shelf.
  • Garment bar.
  • Unfinished Flat Maple Door.
  • Made in the USA and Imported.
  • Dimensions: 52″ H x 15″ W x 7 3/4″ D.

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The Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board offers a compact all-in-one ironing center that can fit into a tight space. It’s hot iron storage area and built-in electrical receptacle makes plugging your iron in a breeze.

It features a discrete design that resembles a narrow wardrobe. This product also comes in two colors: maple and white. This helps it blend into the surrounding environment easily.

The built-in electrical raceway also enables you to finish your ironing activities without worrying about leaving the iron plugged in.


The 42 inch board is a bit smaller than your standard 48 to 54 inch ironing board. This may make ironing longer articles of clothing a bit of a challenge.

This model’s ironing board does not swivel, which may be inconvenient for users that want to adjust the board’s position for a more comfortable ironing experience.

What Customers Are Saying

The Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board currently has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from 61 ratings on 75% of these ratings are 5-star while only 1% is 1 star.

Customers praise the Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board for its compact design. It has saved many from the hassle of retrieving their ironing board from storage spaces and setting it up each time they wish to iron their clothes. Some customers have also praised the Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board for its sturdy build quality and long lasting design, with one review stating that theirs has lasted for over 25 years!

The only critical reviews for this product are from customers who ordered this model under the assumption that the board had a swiveling design.

The Verdict

Iron-a-Way 42 Inch Built in Ironing Board is a great option for anyone who wants a near-full-size ironing board packaged into a compact space where they can also store their iron. The motor timer can help prevent mishaps, while the built-in electrical receptacle makes plugging your iron in a breeze.  This product looks just like another piece of furniture in your home, and will be a welcome addition to any living space. Just make sure to check this product’s dimensions beforehand to ensure it fits into your desired space. 

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