How to Tighten An Ironing Board Cover

If you are replacing an iron cover or reusing one, tightening it is important. However, what is the proper way to tighten one? We’ll show you how to do it here shortly.

An ironing board cover is nice to have when ironing. It makes a great protective cover for your board so it won’t get damaged or warped due to the high heat of the iron. It’s also a good way to protect the board from collecting dust.

It serves a purpose, for sure. But if it’s not tight enough, it may cause issues while you are ironing. Let’s keep going and show you how to tighten an ironing board cover.

Why is An Ironing Board Cover Not Tight?

If you notice that your ironing board cover is not as tight as it should be, it may be oversized. This means removing the cover itself and measuring the ironing board both in width and length. Once you get the right measurements down, you’ll make the ironing board cover selection easier.

There are plenty of covers that are available in different sizes. Also, choosing the right cover may come down to the nose end of the board. Find a cover that fits a narrow nose ironing board instead of one that will fit a much wider nose like a rounded or blunt-ended board. Likewise, a blunt-ended board won’t be covered properly if you are using a cover designed for a narrow nose.

If you get the right-sized ironing board cover, you will have no trouble tightening it.

What Size Do Boards Come in?

Ironing boards come in four different sizes. Unlike most things that are labeled small, medium, or large, iron boards are instead labeled as A, B, C, or D.

Size A is considered the smallest, while size D is the largest. If you want to use a size chart to help determine the size of your board, click here. Make your width and length measurements, and you’ll be able to get a determination of which size cover you choose.

For example, if your ironing board is measured at 110 cm (or 43 inches) in length and 40 centimeters (or 16 inches) in width, it would be a good idea to choose a medium-sized cover.

The size will change every 10 centimeters of length and approximately every 5 centimeters of width. This is something to keep in mind whenever you are measuring ironing boards in the future.


The secret to keeping an ironing board cover tightened is purchasing one that actually fits. You may try to alter an existing one, but it may require a bit more work. Plus, it may be a waste of time.

So, your best bet is to replace the old with the new. Just make sure you get the proper measurements down so you know which size cover is best. We hope you found this guide to be helpful.