How to Remove A Built-in Ironing Board from The Cabinet

If you’ve been to a house built in the early to mid 20th century, you’ll see many things unique. One of them is an ironing board that is built-in with its own special cabinet. 

We’ll show you how to remove one of these in a moment. You may be planning on removing the ironing board so you can use the cabinet space for something else. It can be for extra pantry space or a small shelf for knick-knacks. Either way, your clear plan is that you want the built-in ironing board gone. Removing it is actually easier than you think. So using the new cabinet space, you’ll get out of it.

Let’s get right to work and put that new space to good use.

  • Remove the Cabinet Door Itself

This part is self-explanatory. The cabinet door will get in the way. Remove it from its hinges.

This can simply be done using just a screwdriver. Once removed, move on to the next step.

  1. Removing the Ironing Board

Next, you’ll want to remove the ironing board. Do this by unscrewing it at the base. A manual screwdriver, a flashlight, and an extra set of eyes will be needed here.

Carefully remove the screws until the board is completely off the cabinet. After that, you can do what you want with the ironing board. Discard it or store it away; it’s entirely your choice. 

  • Consider What Projects You Want to Do for the New Cabinet Space

Once you have the ironing board removed, it’s time to make measurements. Measure the cabinet based on height, width, and depth. From there, you can decide on what to do with this newfound space.

This can include adding additional shelves for storage. What exactly would you use it for? You can use it as a spice rack, a shelf for decorations, or whatever else.

After you have the measurements handy, you can purchase slabs of wood to build these shelves. There’s nothing quite like a new DIY project after removing an ironing board that you are not going to use anymore.

Installing shelves is by far one of the easiest DIY tasks that you can do. It may take half the day to do it, but it’s a project you can take pride in doing. Plus, it’s a low-budget project, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.


If you are planning on removing a built-in ironing board from the cabinet, it’s actually simple to do. If you are looking for a first DIY project with no prior experience, this may be one of them.

While a built-in ironing board is a fascinating feature, it might be something you won’t even use. So you might as well take it apart and use whatever space you might have. You’ll finally have a new home for all the stuff that may be cluttering other shelves in your kitchen or dining room.