How to Get Chapstick Out of Clothes

Chapstick might go well on the lips on a cold day. However, getting it on your clothes is a different issue. We’re going to show you how to get chapstick out of clothes easily.

What you might not know is that chapstick can be a real pain to remove. It’s a stain that can be as annoying as tomato sauce or red wine.

Stains can be easily removed when you have the right stuff for them. We’ll show you what you need and why it is essential to have these tools.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What Do You Need?

Before we begin, you are going to need the following: a butter knife or spoon and a stain remover. Heavy-duty liquid detergent will also work.

What Makes A Chapstick Stain Annoying?

Here is something that you need to know about chapstick stains. Chapstick contains oil-based ingredients. As with any other oil-based stain, it will need heavy duty detergent and hot water (based on the care label of the piece of clothing in question).

Oil-based stains can be difficult. But you can be sure to make it even easier following the steps below.

Getting Chapstick Out Of Clothes

  • Scrape Off Residue

The first thing you need to do is check to see if there is any wax-like material. If present, what you want to do is scrape it off. This can be done using a butter knife or a spoon.

Be sure to scrape it off gently. Do not rub the wax as it may cause it to become more embedded in the fabric.

  • Pretreat the Stain

Using a heavy-duty detergent, you’ll want to pretreat the stain. Alternatively, you could use a stain remover that is enzyme-based. Gently apply the stain remover using a brush with soft bristles and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

After this, you’ll want to rewash the clothes. This time, get this done at the hottest water temperature possible. To get a recommended temperature, check the care tag on the piece of clothing you are cleaning.

  • Check and Throw in the Dryer

Check to see if the stain has been removed. If it has, throw it in the dryer. If the stain is still there, repeat the process until it’s gone.

This may seem like a tedious process. But the more, the better.


Now that you know about chapstick and the type of stain it leaves, you know how to remove it. We encourage you to follow the instructions above as best as you can, otherwise, you might have a disaster on your hands.

Oil or even wax-based stains are not easy to remove. As you can see, it takes a detailed process to get the job done. It cannot be done just by washing and drying your clothes like you normally would do.

Give stains like these the special kind of attention, and you’ll be able to handle them with ease every time.