How to Fold Shirts for Traveling

If you are traveling by car, plane, or train, keep reading because you might be packing extra shirts to bring along with you. We’re going to show you how to fold shirts for traveling the right way.

There may be different ways to fold a shirt that you can pack into a bag. However, some methods may cause you to lose a bit of packing space rather than save it. It can cause clutter in your bag (which is no fun, especially when it may be searched by security at the airport).

If you want to fold shirts in a neat, organized way, you are in the right place. Let’s get started.

Folding A Dress Shirt

If you are packing dress shirts, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Lay out the dress shirt on a flat surface. Make sure it’s smoothed out, and no wrinkles are present.
  • Button up the shirt. This will help reduce the wrinkles when it’s packed in your bag.
  • Take one of the sleeves and fold it towards the center of the dress shirt. There is a fold line that will start at the middle of the shoulder. It should allow you to fold at least one-third of the shirt over the top of the back. Don’t worry about which side to start with, as you will be doing the same thing on the other.
  • Fold the sleeves forward. Make sure the top part of the sleeve is above the remaining part of it. The sleeves should be folded like the letter ‘V.’ Make sure that the sleeve cuffs are near the shirt’s collar.
  • Take the bottom of the shirt and fold it lengthwise. Fold from the bottom up once if it’s a short shirt. For longer shirts, do two folds and make sure they are stacked on top of one another
  • Turn over the folded shirt and make sure it faces the front. Place inside your bag.

Folding T-Shirts

One of the best space-saving techniques for t-shirts is folding it ‘military-style.’ To do this, fold one of the shirts in half lengthwise. After that, take the bottom of the shirt and roll it nice and tight.

It should look like a long, slim cylinder once completed. Then place it in the bag. This shouldn’t take you any more than 60 seconds.

Plus, it saves plenty of space. A lot better than doing it any other way.


If you are looking for ways to fold shirts for traveling, it may depend on the type of shirt. We have just shown you ways to fold a dress-style shirt and a t-shirt. These are guaranteed to save you plenty of space when you pack for travel.

We are confident that using these folding methods, you might have just enough space to bring back souvenirs and other cool things from your trip. These folding methods are not only great for space but also save you frustration from wrinkles.