How Long Does A Washing Machine Take?

While washing clothes, the one thing you may not think of is how long does a washing machine take to wash clothes. We’ll answer this question and explain some of the types of washes that you can do with your washer.

Doing laundry is a simple enough task. While we set a time for our clothes to dry, that’s not really the case for a washer. We set it to a regular wash cycle or whatever is more convenient.

It doesn’t give you a specific amount of minutes like a dryer would. For this reason, we’ll investigate how long it takes for a washing machine to get the job done before you dry your clothes. Let’s get started!

How Long Does It Really Take?

This will depend on the wash cycle settings. A regular wash cycle will take no more than an hour. However, the timing may be different based on several factors.

This will include the size of the load, the cycles, or any additional options that you choose. You’ll want to be careful with how you load your dirty clothes in the washer. If they are tightly packed, you can expect the wash cycle to take a little longer than usual.

The same can be said if the loads are unbalanced. With that said, let’s take a look at the other types of wash cycles you can use (and how long each of them takes).

Quick Wash Cycle

A quick wash cycle will take approximately 15 to 40 minutes at best. This will be useful if you have small loads that are not too dirty. The smaller the load, the better.

Heavy-Duty Wash Cycle

If your clothes are heavily dirty, then heavy-duty will be the clear option. Expect the time frame to be anywhere from an hour to almost two and a half hours.

Delicate Wash Cycle

A delicate wash cycle will be used for sheer fabrics, sweaters, or any articles of clothing that recommend ‘gentle cycle’ washing on the tags. The time period will run anywhere from 45 to 80 minutes.

Sanitize Cycle

If you need to sanitize your clothes of germs or bacteria, this will take no less than 90 to 110 minutes. For best results, you can use an oxi additive like OxyClean to clean your clothes during a sanitization cycle.

Final Thoughts

If you are figuring out how long a washer runs, this will be a handy guide for you. It all depends on the cycle settings you have it on. Some will be longer or quicker than others.

Your settings should be based on load size and how badly soiled your clothes are. Don’t use a heavy-duty cycle if your clothes are barely even soiled. You’ll waste plenty of water and energy at the same time.

Likewise, heavily soiled clothing won’t be completely clean on a quick wash or even a regular cycle. Set your options accordingly to get the best results out of your washer.