Homz Durabilt DX1500 Steel Top Ironing Board Review For 2023

Pity the poor ironing board.  

It has one of the worst reputations any household device can have.  I bet right now, if you ask any given person what they think of when they think of an ironing board, what likely comes to mind is rickety rusted metal legs, a faded floral pattern cover, and loose clumsy latches.

How to Choose the Best Ironing Board

If you fall into that category or, even worse, if your ironing board actually is in that category, take a look at what an upgrade can do for you.  

The Homz Durabilt DX1500 is a hulk of an ironing board, boasting one of the largest ironing surfaces out there, softest foam pad, and extendable legs that make it one of the sturdiest ironing boards out there.

It Has The Largest Ironing Surface

The DX1500 has one of the larger ironing surfaces out there, making it ideal for large jackets, coats, dresses, comforters, and other bulky items.  The extra size also saves you the hassle of struggling to fit a shirt onto the board, having to try to grab it quickly as it slides off the sides.

Once you’ve tried a larger ironing surface it is challenging to go back to the traditional size.

The steel mesh top of this ironing board is designed for improved steam flow, as the extra wide mesh spacing allows more of the steam to pass through the garment successfully.

Expandable Legs

One of the best perks of an ironing board (in most cases) is its portability – that you can take it from one room to another wherever you need it to be.  However this usually means you must deal with a degree of wobbliness due to different floors, etc. The Durabilt DX1500 is well known as one of the sturdiest ironing boards out there.  

Its front legs extend an additional 25 inches, enabling this ironing board to rise to a height of 39.5 inches.  You’ll find there’s very little chance that this ironing board will topple over.


  • Dimensions: 63.38 x 17.75 x 4.25”
  • Ironing surface: 54” by 14.875” 
  • Weight:  11 pounds
  • Total height: up to 39.5” (front legs are extendable up to 25”)
  • Platinum metal leg color with orange plastic accents and rubber feet
  • 100% cotton, stain resistant & scorch guard cover
  • ¼” high density foam and ⅜” fiber padding
  • Sold with and without iron rest

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If you find yourself struggling through large amounts of laundry, then this board may be the one for you.  It is a sturdy, large, wide-legged extra-foam ironing board that supercharges every aspect of getting wrinkles out of clothes.

The steel iron rest allows you to set the iron down while you’re changing or adjusting a garment, which can serve you well when you’re needing to spread out a particularly challenging piece of a garment.


The non-standard leg design means you can’t hang hangers from it like you can on other boards.  Several commenters appear to be used to this particular laundry hack and don’t like they can’t do it here.

Additionally, it does appear that the locking mechanism that holds the board up is the first component to fail.  Several negative reviews indicate that the ironing board will eventually start to slip and eventually fall forward.  There are several detailed reviews that take apart the locking mechanism and the different behaviors it exhibits during its life, so it is definitely something that many buyers run into.

What Do Customer Reviews Say

The Durabilt DX1500 has a 60% 5-star rating.  Many of these reviewers report being a little nervous about the increased price, but ultimately were happy with the quality and felt it to be worth the higher price tag.  

Another big theme of these reviews is just how study it is, and that the extendable legs really play a big part in adding to the overall “heavy duty” feel of this ironing board.

There are an additional 16% 1-star reviews however.  Many of these reviewers cite specific flaws with particular manufacturer parts, often commenting on the locking mechanism in particular.  

Another common theme in the negative reviews is a presence of a manufacturer’s sticker that is placed directly on the board’s cover, which becomes frustratingly difficult to remove.  Hopefully this was an error in a particular batch and not a long term problem.

A common concern is the reviews is the presence of the iron rest.  Although you can purchase this ironing board both with and without an iron rest, it is often unclear how to remove the iron rest from the board.

It does appear to be possible, but requires a certain amount of physical manipulation of the iron rest to squeeze it off the bar where it is held.  A pair of pliers may be helpful to assist with this.


The Durabilt DX1500 ironing board is a big, sturdy ironing board that is perfect for large loads.  If you have a large pile that you have to go through, it is very likely that you need a sturdy ironing board that can take that kind of use.  This one is worth the investment, however, it may not be a good long-term choice, since many people are often reporting their opinion of the board changing for the negative after several months of use.

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If you want to upgrade your steam iron as well as your board, the Durabilt DX1500 is often purchased along with the powerful Rowenta DW5080.

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