Giantex 17.6 Portable Mini Washing Machine: The Ultimate Review

If you’re in the market for a reliable washing and drying machine that’s compact enough to fit in limited-space rooms and easy to transport from one place to another, then you may have come across the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine.

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In this article, we’re taking a close look at the Giantex 17.6 Portable Mini Washing Machine to give you a comprehensive review and help you decide whether or not it’s right for your needs.

Pulsating Washing Drum

The first feature that most users notice is the pulsating drum. The Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine has a washer tub capacity of up to 11 pounds of clothing. This means you can load several full outfits and a few towels per wash. 

Giantex has equipped the washing drum with a pulsator. Once triggered, the pulsating feature will knock the dirt off your clothes, and consequently, the machine will require less water to do its job. 

The pulsator utilizes 300 watts of power to ensure maximum efficiency and consistent results. This way, your clothes will come out clean and fresh with every use.

What’s more, you can find a recessed net on the side of the interior drum. This net serves as a filter that prevents clogs and damage to the machine by catching stray threads, wrappers, or other random items you may have accidentally forgotten in your pockets.

A Fast Spinner

Since the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine is a twin tub model, it features a spinner to the right of the washing drum. This spinner wrings out moisture from clothes so they dry in less time than by hanging them right away.

The spinner tub has an approximate capacity of 6 pounds, which means it can hold about half the amount of clothes compared to the washing drum.

Unlike many twin tub washing machines on the market, the spinner doesn’t run using the same motor as the washing drum. Instead, it operates using an independent motor that’s rated at 110 watts of power. 

Additionally, the spinner rotates at a rapid speed of 1300 rpm. It’s equipped with a plastic cover plate to prevent clothes from knocking against the door as the drum rotates.

A Compact Size

Limited space is one of the major reasons why people who live in apartments don’t often get a full-size washing machine. If you live in a smaller apartment, then you know the struggle of not having much room, especially when it comes to owning appliances. 

Luckily, such a problem can be solved thanks to the compact size of the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine. This twin tub unit measures 24.8 by 14 by 28.35 inches (length, width, height), which is close to the dimensions of a mini-fridge.  

With such a compact size, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it in your bathroom or wherever you want to do your laundry.

A Portable Design

The level of portability that a portable washing machine can offer is directly related to how much it weighs. As such, you should know that the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine weighs in at 28 pounds.

While it’s not exactly easy for everyone to carry, it’s still pretty lightweight compared to other washing machines marketed as a portable unit. 

Even if you can’t lift it on your own, you can definitely drag it without issues. Carrying and transporting this twin tub washing machine is at most a two-person job.

A Nice Looks

The Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine is a nice-looking unit despite its affordable price point. This means you can set it up in any room and not be awkward about it. 

It features an all-white body with vertical ridges to mimic the authentic look of beadboard even though the unit is made out of polypropylene plastic

Additionally, the doors here are top-loading with an ocean blue window on each side that’s transparent enough to let you peek inside without having to pause a cycle.

A Simple Control Panel

A lot of people can get confused when dealing with complicated LED lights and too many buttons. If that’s a concern of yours, then the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine can be a great match for you.

Featuring simple and straightforward controls, this unit has only three turn knob dials. The knob on the left is a 15-minute timer for the washing tub, whereas the knob on the right is a 5-minute timer for the spinner. 

The knob in the middle allows you to choose one of three cycle options: normal for everyday loads, soft for delicates, and drain for expelling water from the washing drum.

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  • Color: White And Blue
  • Washer Size: Compact
  • Voltage Frequency: 110V/60Hz
  • Motor RPM: 1300
  • Rated Washing Capacity: 11 pounds
  • Rated Spinner Dryer Capacity: 6.6 Lbs (half of the washing capacity; you may use spinner dryer twice)
  • Washer Power: 300 watts
  • Spinner Power: 110 watts
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 54° C (129.2° F)
  • Length Of Inlet Pipe: 43 inches
  • Length Of Drain Pipe: 26 inches
  • Overall Size: 24.8 inches x 14 inches x 28.35 inches (Length x Width x Height)
  • Average Cycle Length (Time): Up to 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 30-day Amazon return policy; must contact the seller directly about the warranty


  • This unit comes with a filter to catch debris and other items that could damage the unit.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to transport.
  • The control panel is user-friendly.
  • It features both a washing tub and a drying tub.
  • The washer and the spinner run using independent motors.
  • Saves time as you get to wash and dry clothes at the same time.


  • This unit is a bit louder compared to some of the other washers in the same category.
  • The instructions are not very clear. Some users had a hard time understanding it.

What Customer Reviews Say

At the time of writing our review, 68% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine a 5-star rating while only 9% provided a 1-star rating.

Most users praised the size vs power tradeoff of this unit, saying that it offers the best of both worlds. Many reviewers also appreciated how easy-to-use and how affordable this machine is.

The Verdict

So should you buy the Giantex 17.6 Portable Mini Washing Machine? Well, we can’t think of a reason not to.

This unit has everything you’d need in a portable washing from a separate dryer and lightweight design, all the way to a simple control panel and a compact size. Not to mention, it’s super affordable, leaving your wallet dent-free.

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