How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Silk Shirt

Silk is one of the most beautiful natural fibers, and has been a popular fabric for generations.  If you’re reading this, you probably have one or more silk shirts.  They look gorgeous – except when they’re wrinkled!  Before you pay some massive dry cleaning fee, read this article to find out how to get wrinkles out a silk shirt.

Restoring the smoothness of wrinkled silk fabric is pretty easy to accomplish once you know what you’re doing.  In this article we’ll talk about how to get rid of wrinkles from silk using an iron, a steamer, or even a hairdryer.

Woman ironing a blue shirt with a steam iron in blur background

Removing Wrinkles Out Of A Silk Shirt Using An Iron

Ironing is probably the best way to remove wrinkles from all types of clothes including silk. However, with silk, you’ll need to be more careful to prevent the fabric from burning.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • A high-quality iron with a steam option and variable settings for the fabric and temperature
  • An ironing board or ironing mat
  • Spray Bottle
  • A clean silk shirt

Silk burns easily, so it’s important to set the iron in the silk setting or the lowest temperature if the iron does not have a silk setting.

  • Before placing the silk shirt on the ironing board, turn it inside out to prevent iron marks.
  • Put a thin towel or a light cloth over it after placing it on the ironing board. This protects the shirt from heat.
  • Spray some water gently on the towel and iron out the wrinkles.
  • If the wrinkles are deep, you’ll want to spray more water to a point where the shirt gets wet but not dripping, proceed to press the creases with the cloth still over the shirt.
  • Remember to only press wrinkles for a few seconds. And, always ensure the area is cool before proceeding to the next spot.
  • It’s also important to resist moving the iron back and forth over the fabric. This destroys the shape of the shirt and even stretches it.
  • Hang to dry for the final removal of wrinkles.

How To Remove Silk Wrinkles Using A Steamer

If ironing is not your cup of tea, a steamer is another great way to remove wrinkles from a silk shirt. It is safe and maybe even effortless. You’ll need a steam iron or a handheld steam iron for the procedure.

  • Use a hanger to hang the shirt in an open area. Ensure that you have enough room to move around the shirt.
  • Fill the water tank with water.
  • Turn the steamer into the highest setting and wait for the water to produce hot steam.
  • Now spray the hot steam on the shirt from a 6-inch distance.
  • Start from the collar and proceed down to the hands, front, and back as you move around the shirt.
  • This should loosen the fibers thus removing wrinkles in the process.
  • Hang to dry.

How To Remove Silk Wrinkles With A Hot Water Shower

This is another simple steaming method which takes away the wrinkles in three easy steps.

  • Hang the shirt in the bathroom where it can get access to steam from the shower.
  • Turn on the shower for around 10-15 minutes and allow the steam to reach the silk shirt.
  • Close the door and windows to prevent loss of steam.

Although it’s a simple process, there’s water wastage which you’ll want to control by maybe taking a shower at the time of steaming the silk shirt.

How To Remove Wrinkles From A Silk Shirt With A Hair Dryer

Sometimes your shirt may not have as many wrinkles that need detailed wrinkle removal. In this case, a hair dryer will come in handy.

  • You’ll need the hair dryer and a spray bottle.
  • Spray some water on the area in you want to remove the wrinkles.
  • Use the water moderately to avoid soaking the shirt.
  • Turn on the hairdryer and test with your hand how hot the air gets. Only use moderate heat as you don’t want to stretch the material.
  • Now blow the air over the area and watch as the wrinkles disappear.
  • Repeat the process in the other area you need to remove creases.

How To Remove Silk Wrinkles By Air Drying

This is a method where you use the sun’s heat to remove the wrinkles. You’ll just need to hand wash the silk shirt and hang it out to dry. Remember to use only plain and clean water. This method is useful when you have time and the patience to wait.


As you have seen, there are several efficient methods of removing wrinkles from a silk shirt. Just choose one and watch as the stubborn wrinkles disappear, revealing a crisp looking shirt.  

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