Best Compact Ironing Board 2023: Eureka Mfg Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board Review

Finding space to iron your clothes can often be challenging.  Whether you find yourself squeezing some giant ironing board into the middle of a small apartment living room or trying to perform multiple laundry tasks in a cramped corner of a tight laundry room, you need a flat surface in order to iron, no matter what it takes.

Do I need a ironing board Why ironing board is vital

If you find yourself challenged in the space department, you’re not stuck with an ironing mat as your only option – wall-mounted ironing boards can pack a lot of features into something that can be folded into the wall and is quickly out of site.

Eureka Mfg

Eureka Mfg wants to help minimize clutter in the home.  Based in Ireland, they are well known for their clever furniture constructions.  They specialize in making wall-mounted folding brackets, and their mission is to provide a contemporary space-saving solution that still feels space efficient yet exude style and craftsmanship.

In addition to work stations, tables, benches, and chairs, Eureka Mfg are the makers of the classic Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board and its companion piece I’ll be looking at in this article, the Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board.

Features & Benefits

The Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board is great for small spaces and is meant to be easy to install and easy to stash away.

This ironing board has a silver wall mount fixing plate, and a silvery-gray cotton ironing board cover.  The board has a one click release latch on the underside that will allow it to fold down, ironing surface side out.

Eureka Mfg is so proud of their craftsmanship and concept that they offer a 1 year guarantee on their products.

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  • Dimensions: 12 x 1.5 x 34 in
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds
  • It will occupy 34” x 12” rectangular space on the wall when closed
  • Board Size: 32″ x 12″
  • Folds down with ironing surface facing outward
  • Easy release level to fold down
  • Metallic grey/silver ironing board cover
  • Overall thickness is 1.5 inches from wall when closed
  • Cover and pad: 30″ in length and 6″ wide


  • If you still have questions about whether this board will fit in your designated laundry space, the vendor seems to be pretty responsive on Amazon.  In the past they have even offered to trim a bit off the board to help it fit a customer’s space. It can’t hurt to ask!
  • This ironing board is designed for easy DIY install.  It comes to you fully assembled and ready to mount on the wall.
  • Great for space-conscious places – apartments, laundry rooms, wardrobe, etc


  • Although the images online indicate an iron holder that slides out from the underside, several of the online reviewers were expecting it to come with an iron holder and they dinged it a star for not having one.
  • This ironing board ships from Ireland, so if you are in the United States you should realize the shipping may take a little longer than you may be used to.
  • If you have more space available, then the companion piece – the Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board – might be better suited for your purposes.

How To Install

In order to install your Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board, you’ll want to identify the wall stud you can achor it to.  Once you’ve identified the stud, you can affix the fixing plate to the stud.

If you don’t have a stud available in the location you plan to install, then you can affix a 16×8 piece of wood between the two nearest studs.  After anchoring this piece between the studs, you can attach the ironing board fixing plate.

The ironing board is meant to be sturdy as well, so upon installing, make sure there’s no wobble to the unit.  If there is, adjust the wall attachment at the fixing plate until there’s no more wobble.

Get A Mount And Keep Your Iron Nearby

As mentioned above, this ironing board might not come with an iron rest.  It is highly recommended to also get a mountable iron rest and keep that iron nested somewhere near your ironing board.

The Brabantia Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Holder is a great companion piece to the Eureka Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board.  It’s made of heat resistant materials meaning that you can still put a warm iron on it without the holder showing signs of distress.

If you’re looking for a great iron too, check out our review of the Rowenta DW5080.


If you’ve got a really limited amount of surface area to put your ironing board, and you think it may be a tight squeeze, the Eureka Mfg Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board is one of the best most versatile ironing boards out there.  Even if you’ve got a little more space available but only want a stylish collapsible ironing board that keeps the underside out of sight, this ironing board can easily be considered one of the best wall mounted ironing boards under 200 dollars.

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