Does Rayon Shrink?

There are plenty of fabrics that can be washable and dryable. Is rayon one of them? Does it also shrink?

We’ll answer these questions in a little bit. When you take a look at the care tag, it’s important to know what kind of fabric it is. It should also give you instructions on how you can wash or dry it.

Rayon is a synthetic fabric that may be confused with those that are natural fibers like cotton or wool. Despite looking like it’s made from natural fibers, rayon isn’t as durable.

We will explain why it isn’t a good idea to put rayon in the dryer. However, there’s a caveat to this statement. Let’s move on, and we’ll explain this in more detail.

Does Rayon Really Shrink?

Most clothes made from rayon will shrink, especially when you put them in the dryer. However, some of them may not since they may be present in a small amount when mixed with other materials like cotton.

So it would make sense not to throw any clothes mostly made of rayon in the dryer because of this purpose. Yes, it can be machine washable like with any other clothing. So you have nothing to worry about in this regard.

How Do You Dry Rayon?

The best way to dry any clothing that is mostly made of rayon is air drying. This will ensure that it stays in shape while avoiding any tears in the process. You’ll want to make sure it’s dried on a rack or a clothesline.

You can use a plastic hanger as well. They are thick and durable enough to hold the clothing. As for metal hangers, they are not thick and strong enough to handle the job.

Can You Move Wrinkles from Rayon?

Yes, you can remove wrinkles from rayon material. The best way to do that is by using an iron. It should be set to low heat without steam.

When it’s ironed smooth, you’ll notice that rayon can have a bit of a shine to it. While ironing any rayon-based clothes, you want to place a cotton cloth that is thin and lint-free on top of the material.

In other words, don’t place the iron directly on the rayon. If you do, it won’t give off that shiny smoothness that you want. Keep this in mind the next time you iron rayon clothes.


Now that you know about rayon shrinking in the dryer, you’ll know exactly how to dry it. It’s important that you have a solid enough hanger and plenty of open air to dry it once it’s out of the washer.

Rayon can also be ironed, but not directly. Remember to use a thin cotton cloth to ensure that it has a shiny finish once it’s well-ironed. 

If you think there are fabrics that are cared for the same as the others, think again. There are certain ways some fabrics need to be cared for. Rayon is one of them, and you’ll want to check the tag before you wash or dry it.