Do I need a ironing board Why ironing board is vital

Do I need a ironing board? Why ironing board is vital

There are two kinds of people when it comes to ironing clothes: an iron devotee who finds gratification in smoothing wrinkled clothes, or an iron hater who finds ironing an arduous, time-consuming task. If you belong to either of these two groups, it is vital to understand some simple things before you start the task. You might wonder, “Do I need an ironing board?” or “What kind of ironing board should I used?”

An ironing board is the companion of an iron. It is small, movable and foldable table built with a heat resistant surface. It comes in different sizes from 43 x 12 inches to 53 x 19 inches. It is made of raw materials such as board, cold rolled steel, metal rivets, rubber or plastic tips for the feet, degreasing agents, and oil based paint.

Do I need an ironing board?

An ironing board is an essential component of ironing clothes and other fabric. It provides a flat surface for the clothes while the wrinkles are being ironed out. With a soft, rounded part on one end, it is easier to iron shirt sleeves, jean legs, and open ends of clothes.

You need an ironing board to conveniently iron clothes. It lasts for several years but one particular part that needs replacement every few years is the cover. The cover is usually 100% unbleached cotton. A sturdy ironing board with this kind of cover prevents the clothes from moving over the board while ironing.

An ironing board can also be built with a reflective, nonstick cover. In this cover, the heat is put up into the clothes instead of in the cover. This results to faster ironing time and more protection to delicate garments.

What kind of ironing board should I get?

There are three kinds of ironing board: portable, wall-mounted, and table top. All of them have a major purpose: to provide a flat surface to iron out wrinkles on the clothes. Manufacturers have come up with different kinds built with different features to make ironing tasks safe and more convenient.

#1 Portable ironing board

As the name implies, portable ironing boards can be transferred to different areas of the house where ironing can be done. It is lightweight and has foldable legs to easily store or move it from one place to another. The legs are also extendable to easily adjust the height to conform to the user. Many American homes use this kind of ironing board. It can be difficult to carry and set up but it is very portable compared to the other kinds of ironing boards.

#2 Wall-mounted ironing board

Many small spaced apartments use wall-mounted ironing board because it saves space. This kind of ironing board is mounted on and folds out from wall or closet. They are also installed in walk-in closets and other narrow spaces.

Wall mounted ironing boards not only save space, but time also. It can be easily deployed or stored away without the need to carry and unfold it. It is made with strong materials and construction, plus it can be angled according to the convenience of the user.

#3 Table top ironing board

A table top ironing board is made with short legs and can be placed on top of the bed, table, or counter. It is very portable, lightweight, and saves space. It is also the smallest kind which limits clothes to be conveniently placed on top of it. Ironing out shirt sleeves can be a challenge. But since it is very portable and small, the tabletop ironing board is the most popular in college dormitories.

Some ironing boards come with extra features that make them more convenient. These features are a great help especially for people who find satisfaction in ironing wrinkled clothes.

  • Iron rest. Most iron boards have an iron rest on one end. This part keeps the iron in place and prevents it from falling or damaging other fabrics or surfaces.
  • Sleeve attachment. The sleeve attachment is a small board fastened to the main ironing board. It makes ironing small parts of clothes easier.
  • Hanging rack. The hanging rack is space for freshly ironed clothes. It is attached at the wide end of the ironing board.
  • After using the ironing board, you need to store it properly. The organizer keeps all the ironing tools and ironing board together off the floor.

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