Conair ExtremeSteam Dual Heat Handheld Fabric Steamer Review

The Conair Dual Heat Handheld Steamer is a small device but much more powerful than what you’d expect. If you don’t like the traditional iron steamer, you’ll have the convenience of a high-performing device as well as a compact unit that you can take places.

I have always had problems when trying to iron large articles that can’t fit on an ironing board. And I also find iron steamers too heavy and clunky when steaming vertically. That’s why I think it’s time to invest in a handheld fabric steamer. After researching for the ideal model, I found the Conair to be of superior quality.

Here are some of my findings.

Dual Heat Technology

You know that only hot steam relaxes tough wrinkles. The Conair ExtremeSteam utilizes a two-stage heating process that has over 30% more heat that actually reaches heavy fabrics. You can use it on cotton, wool, polyester, and your favorite pair of jeans.

This steamer also claims that it can straighten wrinkles up to five times faster than units in its class. It also kills dust mites and bed bugs thus preserving your outfits to look as good as new every time. The steamer is gentle on delicate fabrics which can get damaged by using a dry iron.

High Power

For a small handheld steamer, you’d expect it to compromise on the energy. But it boasts 1100 wattage. It heats up pretty fast in about 75 seconds you’ll have it hot and ready to work on every wrinkle. It gives 15 minutes of continuous steam without refilling the tank.

Features and Specifications

  • The Conair ExtremeSteam has a slide switch which allows changing the temperature of the steam. The trigger can switch between high and low heat, plus it can also give you constant steam which helps to hold the heat.
  • The pause steam feature works great to conserve the energy. It stops the release of steam when the device is not in use.
  • It has dry and concentrated steam to penetrate deep wrinkles. It is, therefore, efficient on many types of fabrics like linen and draperies.
  • The water reservoir is removable hence providing you with an easy method of refilling. The water tank locks to prevent spitting when you angle the steamer.
  • The 9-ft cord is long to help you move freely when steaming hanging garments.
  • It is compact such that you can stow it away in small places like shelves or even take it with you when traveling.
  • It has three removable attachments which include a soft cushion brush which comes in handy when steaming delicate fabrics, a fabric brush, and a creaser to get nice pleats.
  • It has a yellow indicator for the power, and the green light indicates when the device is ready to blast out some hot steam.
  • The Conair ExtremeSteam comes with a limited one year warranty.

Customer’s Views

The Conair ExtremeSteam is a professionally designed steamer that lets you have polished results from the comfort of your home. It has an overwhelmingly high rating from owners on Amazon. This is mainly because of the dual heat technology which delivers 30% hotter steam which can get to virtually any deep wrinkle. It provides fast results that save you time and energy especially on busy days.

This product is however not without a flaw as some customers have indicated. “Mine stopped working in less than a year…but fixing it made it as good as new.” And, “It doesn’t save me time…takes too long to heat up.”

Apart from the product needing repairs by some of the users, many people are satisfied with the work it has done so far. “This steamer is the best…it does its job super well,” and, “It makes the tedious ironing work enjoyable…now I love steaming everything,” and, “Great on the go steamer…easy to put away and take to trips.”

The positive reviews are much more than negative results. As such, it makes for a worthy investment both for the home and travel.

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It is easy to see why the Conair ExtremeSteam handheld steamer is a favorite. It is smaller, hotter, and much more powerful than other models its size. Particularly, the dual heat settings help you skip a visit to the dry cleaner as you can do all the de-wrinkling and freshening up of clothes without spending extra money.  

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