Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board - Silver Wall Fixing Plate Review

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Silver Wall Fixing Plate Review

So you have just bought a high-quality iron. Awesome! But do you have a good ironing board? If you are using an old, rickety ironing board that the sturdiness is questionable, you won’t get the full benefit of your iron. Get ironing tasks done in a more convenient manner with a quality ironing board!

If you are still using your grandma’s ironing board with its ancient, rusted legs, it is high time to get a new one. Ironing boards today now come in different styles and aesthetics. They are made of different sturdy materials and built with added accessories.

Generally, there are three kinds of ironing board: the freestanding, compact, and wall mounted. The freestanding is the most conventional type of ironing board. It has collapsible legs and is relatively lightweight to easily transfer from one place to another. These metal ironing boards often feature adjustable heights.

The compact ironing board is much smaller than the portable one. The height is fixed and it can be placed on top of the table, counter, or bed.

Last but not the least kind of ironing board is wall mounted. As the name implies, this iron is mounted in a recessed cabinet that provides a convenient storage for the iron and ironing board. It is used in limited spaces but they are easily installed, set up, and folded down.

There are different models of wall mounted ironing boards, but here is a best selling one: the Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Silver Wall Fixing Plate by Eureka Manufacturing.


Features of the Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board Silver Wall Fixing Plate

The most important thing to consider in an ironing board is the construction. This Eureka Ironing Board is made with a silver finished zinc plate that is made in Ireland. It ensures stability, durability, and functionality to stand the test of time.

It comes fully assembled. It measures 38 mm or 1.5 inches when folded down and the board surface measures 32 by 12 inches. It weighs 15 kilos or 33 pounds.

For easy setup and storage, this Eureka Ironing Board has a one click release system to fold down against the wall or any mounting surface.

The ironing board cover is made of cotton. It has a metallic gray cover, but replacement covers are available. It looks stylish and can complement many interiors.

This kind of ironing board is ideal for small apartments, walk in closets, and other space-challenged places.

The Eureka Ironing Board comes with a 1-year guarantee to give more worth to your money.

Pros and cons

The Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Silver Wall Fixing Plate is a 4-star rated wall-mounted ironing board. Despite this, it comes with advantages as well as drawbacks.


  • Durable and stable build
  • One click quick release system
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Stylish
  • Comes pre assembled
  • Made in Ireland
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • With 1 year warranty
  • Works as advertised


  • Tricky to install
  • Iron rest not included


A sturdy, well-built ironing board eases arduous ironing tasks. Therefore, if you have an iron, you should have an ironing board too. Ironing on any other surface is too inconvenient and might damage the garments or iron.

There are three kinds of ironing boards. For limited spaces, the wall mounted ironing board is recommended. It has a space saving construction mounted on a wall inside a recessed cabinet. It can be easily folded up or down and stores inside the cabinet.

One best selling wall mounted ironing board is the Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Silver Wall Fixing Plate. It is made with silver finished fixing plate and well-built construction for durability, functionality, and stability. It measures 34 x 12 x 1.5 inches and the surface has dimensions of 32 x 12 inches. Plus, it has a one click release to easily set it up or fold down.

Some drawbacks of this Eureka product is it is tricky to install and does not include an iron rest. However, many users are pleased with its quality. They like its appearance, ease of use, and sturdiness. Plus, its metallic gray cover can be replaced by other available covers. This elegant look complements to many interiors.

This Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Silver Wall Fixing Plate is worth the money because of its features and positive feedback from users. It even comes with a one year warranty to guarantee quality. Install it now to your homes and make ironing more convenient.

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