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CHI 13101 Professional Steam Iron Review

The CHI 13101 Professional Steam Iron is a high-performance model that is great for home use. If you favor well-pressed outfits with less effort, you’ll enjoy working with an efficient steam iron that works great with any fabric you throw at it.

My dry iron is always tricky to use when am dealing with silk items, so I thought it’s time to look for a steam iron. Of all the steam irons I researched, I liked the CHI 13101. Let me share what I found with you.

CHI Flat Iron Technology

If you are a fan of CHI hair tools, you’ll discover that they use their exclusive technology to make products that are most sought for their quality. The CHI 13101 Steam Iron is designed using titanium infused soleplate. It eliminates static when ironing at high temperatures. You’ll also like that ceramic has non-stick properties which means it gives you smooth gliding over every inch of the soleplate.

When it comes to durability, the laying of the ceramic over titanium indicates it will last for a long time. It resists peeling and scratches that could affect the quality of the iron over time. It retains the matte, polished finish that gives it the loveable modern look.

Over 300 Steam Holes

Do you hate spending too much time on the ironing board? Well, with a steam iron that has many steam holes, the job will go more smoothly and much faster. This is because it drives lots of powerful steam which blasts the wrinkles within the first shot of steam. The high steam output helps to go through lots of clothes in a small time so that you can get on to other important tasks.

Features and Specifications

  • The CHI 13101 Steam Iron has a precise temperature control which comes in handy when you want to choose the fabric and heat. It helps you deal with all types of fabrics without guessing.
  • The soft grip handle lets you work without inducing fatigue to your hands. It is ergonomically designed to suit large households where you need to steam clothes for extended periods of time. The textured grip also prevents sliding when your hands are wet.
  • It has a precision tip that gets difficult places that are otherwise unreachable when using a flat tipped steam iron.
  • It has an adjustable steam lever that gets you variable steam when dealing with many types of fabrics.
  • The 1700 watts of power heats up the steam iron really fast, so you don’t have to spend minutes waiting for the water to get hot
  • Auto-shut-off is a security feature which ensures power is cut when the iron is facing down or left vertically for far too long.
  • The 10ft cord gives you a wide range of movement so you can apply the steam from the position you like.
  • The dials are easily accessible when holding the handle since it is short hence suitable for persons with small hands.
  • It has an anti-drip system that prevents the iron from spitting or leaking when you turn the heat down.
  • It is lighter than most steam irons with similar features.    
  • It has a two-year guarantee

What Customers are Saying

Although CHI is well-known for their hair tools, the CHI 13101 Steam Iron is slowly gaining popularity. This is because it is highly reliable. It uses a titanium ceramic soleplate that is not only smooth to glide, but it is also resistant to scratching. It heats up fast, has over 300 steam holes and it is lightweight.

Some owners are also keen to speak about their dissatisfactions. As one customer puts it, “I find it hard to fill the water tank,…wish there was a filler cup.” And “The temperature dial is at an awkward position…I keep touching it accidentally.”

These complaints are not rampant as other customers note, “It’s the best iron…lightweight and conserves water,” and “Excellent steam…it is smooth,” and, “great steam and heat…I like it for quilting, and “It makes ironing so much easierthere’s loads of steam.”

I feel you’ll get all the superior qualities this iron offers.

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The CHI 13101 Steam Iron delivers professional results. It’s your go-to when you want to make easy on ironing tasks. It features high power, an exclusive titanium-infused ceramic soleplate plus the many steam holes give powerful bursts of steam.  

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