Ironing Mat vs Ironing Board – A Helpful Detailed Comparison Guide

Ironing mat vs board - Comparison and differences

There are two kinds of people when it comes to ironing clothes: an iron devotee who finds gratification in smoothing wrinkled clothes, or an iron hater who finds ironing an arduous, time-consuming task. One of the compelling things dividing these people are what tools they are using and where they are ironing.  A mismatch between … Read more

The Best Way To Iron Dress Pants

In the corporate world, impressions matter, and when it comes to dress pants, nothing speaks more about you than the time and care you put in to look sharp. But you don’t have to spend an entire evening removing creases and straightening out wrinkles that can’t seem to go away.  When you iron dress pants … Read more

Where To Store An Ironing Board

Where to Store Your Ironing Board

The ironing board is one of the many household tools that are often overlooked. It’s an essential for keeping your clothes looking good and the key to appearing put-together, but it’s not one of the first things you think about when designing your home or shopping for appliances. This makes it difficult to find a … Read more

What Is A Good Ironing Board?

best full sized ironing board

Traditionally, every household today has an ironing board. It is the partner of an iron. An ironing board provides a flat surface for the clothes to be ironed out. It has a rounded point at one end, and an iron rest at the other end. Ironing boards have similar shapes, sizes, and styles. But how … Read more