Can You Iron Polyester?

Even though polyester is a synthetic material that’s designed to resist wrinkles, this fabric can get wrinkles if you wear it for too long, wash it incorrectly, or store it the wrong way hanging in your closet. Proper care and laundry techniques can help keep your polyester clothing wrinkles-free. But when the inevitable strikes, can … Read more

How to Wash Shoes in Washing Machine: A Step-By-Step Guide

You can’t rock a killer look if your shoes are looking miserable. But how can you rejuvenate them without causing permanent damage?  In this article, I’ll share my foolproof method on how to wash shoes in washing machine. Let’s see! Step 1: Scrub Your Shoes If your shoes are extremely soiled, it’s better to quickly … Read more

Steamer vs. Iron: Which One Should You Use and Why?

People love steamers because they’re portable, easy to use, and relatively safer than irons. Others (including myself) prefer the higher efficiency of irons, especially when you want to create crisp creases.  But if you ask me, the duel between steamers vs. irons comes down to the fabric you want to unwrinkle. How? Let’s see!   Setup: … Read more

How to Bypass Washing Machine Water Level Sensor – A Full Guide

High-efficiency washers are great when it comes to conserving water and energy. Thanks to the built-in water level sensor, your machine will calculate the amount of water needed for washing based on your load weight.  Unfortunately, sometimes the assigned amount of water isn’t enough to deliver the best washing results. This may result in: Annoying … Read more

What Is Permanent Press?

Luckily, wrinkle-resistant clothing is getting more popular than ever. Nevertheless, we still have to iron work shirts and dress pants if we really want to look our best. But if you hate ironing (like me), you can let your washing machine do the unwrinkling for you by enabling the Permanent Press. What is the Permanent … Read more

How Much Does An Ironing Board Weigh?

how much does an ironing board weight

Ironing boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  There are wall-mounted ironing boards, stand up ironing boards, tabletop ironing boards, and more.    With such a wide variety of products out there, it can be tricky to pin down just how many pounds does an ironing board weigh.  If you have to ship … Read more