BLACK + DECKER D2030 Digital Advantage Professional Steaming Iron Review

The BLACK + DECKER D2030 is an excellent steam iron, and if your household needs a solid steam iron for lots of clothes, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a high-quality model. Recently, I have run out of options when it comes to making ironing a quick and enjoyable task. This is after my steam iron couldn’t produce hot steam for deep wrinkles that’s why I went looking for a new model.

I didn’t know that the BLACK + DECKER D2030 has been around for over ten years, but I can tell it has some of the best features. You can stop looking after stumbling on this model as it comes to ease every ironing need. After looking into its features, I found it just right to share my findings.

1500 Watts of hot steam

The high wattage on the BLACK + DECKER D2030 means that it reaches the right temperature in seconds. Not only that, it stays hot so you won’t keep resetting the temperature when you start ironing. It also comes with seven temperature settings where you can adjust it according to the fabric.

If you ever worry about the heat settings on a steam iron, that becomes a thing of the past with the BLACK + DECKER D2030.  The heat setting button is right at your fingertips. It lets you choose the temperature or the fabric, and it displays the status on the well-lit LCD window.

Not to mention, this steam iron makes a beep in the process of heating up. As it reaches the right temperature, the iron stops flashing and instead displays a ‘Ready’ sign on the window. You don’t need to be there to watch if the iron reaches the right temperature.

Variable Steam Settings

When you are dealing with attire that needs different amounts of steam, the BLACK + DECKER D2030 will let you choose from seven steam settings. It can get extra-tough wrinkles using the surge of steam button. Also, for fabrics that don’t mind taking more, you can use the fine-mist spray nozzle.

This steam iron can also steam vertically. It is an essential convenience for clothes that don’t require direct contact with heat. It is also great for those sleek woolen suits. The vertical ironing feature also helps in ironing drapes and lightweight fabrics that need extra care.

Features and Specifications

  • Non-stick INOX stainless steel soleplate- The BLACK + DECKER D2030 enjoys a rust-resistant soleplate. It has a corrosion-free finish which prevents any accumulation of alloys on the surface. This means you’ll get a smooth glide day after day.
  • It has 62 steam vents well-distributed over 29 grooves. This facilitates even distribution of steam.
  • The superior exterior design looks good with a comfortable grip handle. It facilitates working for long hours since it will not rub into your palm.
  • Motion sensitive auto-off feature senses three movements when the iron is toppled over, lying on its side or when left for long in a vertical position.
  • Anti-drip system ensures it does not spit or drip.
  • The large 10-ounce water capacity allows for continuous working without constant refilling. The water tank is transparent such that you can see through when refilling. It also has a wide inlet to provide easy refills.
  • It has an 8-ft cord that resists tangling since you can pivot it over 360-degrees. It moves with you.
  • Ergonomically laid out buttons mean it has a smooth learning curve. You’ll not be fumbling with settings or worrying about picking the wrong function.
  • It has an auto clean system which maintains the quality of steam for everyday use.

Customers Views

It’s not easy to find a steam iron whose price is low, but the quality is amazing. The BLACK + DECKER D2030 ticks all the boxes for a professionally designed steam iron.

At the time of my review, this model has over 4,800 reviews on Amazon. It is fair to say different customers have thoroughly tested this product.

One of the recurring complaints about this iron is selecting the steam levels. As one customer put it, “I am unable to control the amount of steam.”

However, most of the owners are pleased with the ease in the BLACK + DECKER D2030. Some of the top positive reviews include, “Best iron for the price…I’ve had it for eight years,” and “meets the needs at half the price…it ranks with the high-end irons,” and “I am so pleased with this buy four years down the line.”

It is one of the easiest steam irons to recommend.

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The BLACK + DECKER D2030 is a top ranking model that reaches high-performance levels. It heats up fast within 30 seconds, you can turn it down manually, and it has large water capacity, and comes at a very reasonable price. It is consistent with its ironing quality so no worries if you use it for professional steaming.

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