BIZOND Portable Garment Steamer Review

The BIZOND Garment Steamer is perhaps your best companion for travel. If you happen to be a fan of trips and taking holidays, you’ll want the convenience of crisp clothes without hassle.

I used to pack all my clothes while ironed, but that did not keep them from having a few creases here and there. That’s why am considering a handheld steamer capable of fitting in my travel case. After researching some models, I’ve realized that I like the features showcased by the BIZOND Garment Steamer. Here’s what I found.

Small but Powerful

The most stunning features on the BIZOND Garment Steamer are the size and the power. If you own a standard handheld steamer, most likely it makes your travel bag bulge in all the awkward places. This garment steamer has a small print which makes it easy to store and travel discretely to different destinations.  

The size does not in any way compromise on the power aspects. In fact, it boasts 500 watts of power which heats the water in a matter of seconds. It delivers a hot burst of steam that freshens up your clothes and relaxes those outfits in a cinch.

Anti-Spill Design

Most handheld steamers cannot be of use horizontally. But the BIZOND model can be tilted up to 80-degrees, and no water will come gushing out. It protects your clothing from puddles and your hands from blisters. This device also boasts the ability to steam clothes when facing upside down.

It employs an electronic pump that keeps the steam dry and eliminates spitting in the process. The technology on this unit guarantees an enjoyable time when trying to get through lots of articles in the shortest time possible.

Features and Specifications

  • The BIZOND Garment Steamer is light, weighing only 1.3 pounds. It does not cause fatigue to your wrists when ironing for long periods of time. Not to mention it will not add to the weight of your luggage during travel.
  • It has a NANO polymer filter that acts as the anti-calc system. It prevents the formation of scum on the heating element by purifying tap water. It, therefore, preserves the unit so that it serves in great condition.
  • It integrates a safety function which automatically cuts the power when the water runs out or when it becomes too hot. It is, thus, perfect for different fabrics.
  • Holds 4 ounces of water which provides steaming for up to 10 minutes
  • The handle does not get hot when steaming, but it still performs with excellence.
  • The auto-shut-off function works when the unit is left unattended for 5 minutes.
  • It freshens up clothes by removing dust, and even mold from dump clothes.
  • The 6.5ft cord provides easy access to clothes.
  • The dry steam ensures it does not leave wet trails on the surface which could end up on your clothes.
  • It comes with a fabric brush which installs easily by clipping to the head.
  • It has a 24-month warranty and outstanding customer service when you want all your questions answered.

What do customers say about the BIZOND Garment Steamer?

The BIZOND Garment Steamer is a dry steam unit that utilizes an electronic pump to ensure it does not spit any water. It can steam from any angle and heats up pretty fast. It enjoys a compact design that is ideal for travel.

Many customers have tested it on Amazon. Some of them discovered some small flaws which they were keen to share. “I have problems with the cord…it’s too short,” and, “It’s not good for thick cotton…just thin fabrics.”

Being a small handheld steamer, you can expect the power is not up to par with other heavy-duty steam irons. As such you should not expect the same results on heavy fabrics. However, there are lots of satisfied customers. Some of them said, “Simple and effective…am just surprised at how good it is,” and, “Great steamer…works as described ”and,“ Small but mighty…packs well for my business trips.”

Because of the many positive results, it’s pretty easy to recommend this device.

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The BIZOND Garment Steamer is one of the small handheld designs that actually makes sense when you choose to invest in it. It has a fast steaming time. 10 minutes is what you get on one tank of continuous wrinkle removal. It is ideal for freshening clothes on the go, and it works great for all types of fabrics.

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