The Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards 2023

A mounted ironing board makes ironing easier and faster without causing a huge mess. The only problem is, it’s quite hard to find the best wall mounted ironing board for your needs.

best wall mounted ironing board

But worry no more! Because in today’s article, we’ll walk you through a complete guide that shows you all the necessary points of considerations as well as the top 5 items available on the market. Let’s hop in!

What is a Wall Mounted Ironing Board?

As the name suggests, a wall mounted ironing board is a regular ironing board that also has foldable legs. But instead of folding onto itself, it also folds into a small frame or a cabinet hung on the wall.

People usually use the wall mounted ironing board cabinet to also store the iron and other related accessories conveniently in one place.

Things to Consider While Choosing The Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board

While shopping for a wall mounted ironing board, there are some aspects and critical points that you need to keep in mind.

To help you make an educated decision regarding the ironing board, here’s a brief overview of each of these elements: 

Materials & Durability

An ironing board is one of the items that have a very specific function that relies greatly on its durability and ruggedness. The last thing anyone wants is an ironing board with a steam hot iron collapsing and falling over.

Unlike cheap and flimsy ironing boards, a quality and durable board will also be sturdy and stable enough to prevent wobbling and squeaking.

The most essential part here is the material of the construction. Ideally, an ironing board should have a heavy-duty steel frame to keep the structure intact.

As for the rest of the build, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made of steel. For example, a cabinet made of wood might be a good choice for an ironing board.


Speaking of cabinets, the design of the ironing board is somewhat essential despite not having anything to do with the functionality of the system. 

Why? Simply because, unlike regular ironing boards that you can hide away in a garage, a wall mounted ironing board is fixed to your house wall and will stand out. 

For that reason, you might want to consider an ironing board that features a built-in cabinet that has a nice design to fit your house style.


One of the critical elements of the design is also the size of the board. In fact, a lot of people opt for wall mounted ironing boards because they don’t have enough space. If that’s the case, having a bulky ironing board won’t solve the problem entirely.

If you also have a specific spot in mind to install your wall mounted ironing board, you’re limited to the dimensions available there. 

For that reason, it’s always critical to have a look at the dimensions of any wall mounted ironing board before making up your mind about buying it.

Board Flexibility

There are many reasons why some people aren’t huge fans of ironing. In addition to being a tedious job, it also forces you to face one angle all the time.

The flexibility of an ironing board is expressed in its swiveling. An ironing board that you can swivel around 180 degrees is an excellent choice to help you move the board into any certain angle that feels more suitable to you while ironing.

Not only that, but it’s also an excellent solution for ironing comfortably without having to stand in an awkward position, whether you prefer to iron with your left or right hand, talking to someone, or checking on the kids while you do your chores.

Ease of Installation

With tons of designs and styles out there, some wall mounted ironing boards are bound to be more challenging to install than the others. This might be fun for DIY masters but a little frustrated to the average joe.

Not to mention, any product is as good as you know how to use it and put it together, so always choose a wall mounted ironing board that comes either pre-assembled or with clear instruction on how to put it together, install it on the wall, as well as the necessary items to do that.

Room for Extras

A wall-mounted ironing board can be as simple as a small foldable board attached to a wall frame. Yet, many ironing board cabinets come with added bonuses that increase their functionality.

This includes having shelves for storage, a station for your iron or a built-in iron, and even a mirror attached to the backside of the cabinet shutter door!

Of course, such items will likely cost you more money, but will also utilize the vertical space available in the room, organize the stored items, and keep all your ironing related tools in one place!

Covers and Padding 

A good wall mounted ironing board will also come with a cover for the board to protect it from burns. The padding of the board should also be ample but firm and smooth for a perfectly iron fabric.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Wall Mounted Ironing Board?

While it’s technically not a crucial item for your home, owning a wall mounted ironing board can be extremely beneficial for multiple reasons, here are some examples of these advantages:

Save You Space in the Room

An ironing table is used for a few minutes every one or two days at best. However, they can be extremely bulky if you can’t find a spot to hide them out of sight.

In that case, a wall mounted ironing board can be a great solution to your problem because it’s designed to benefit from the unused vertical space on the wall while stored.

Easy to Use without Messing Up the Room

Ironing itself isn’t the only challenge while pulling off the chore. You also need to find a good spot to set up your ironing table, which bulks up the room very easily.

On the other hand, wall-mounted cabinets are very easy to set up, don’t take as much space, and can let you swivel them around, so you use them ergonomically.

Keeps All the Ironing Related Items Stored in One Place

If you get a cabinet design with multiple shelves, you won’t have to scour the house looking for the iron that you’ve stored somewhere, as you can simply keep all the ironing related items in one place.

Simple Designs Are Very Easy to Install

Some people might avoid getting a wall-mounted ironing board because they think that it’s too much of a hassle to put together or to install.

However, most of them guarantee a very easy installation because they come pre-assembled and only require drilling some holes to mount them on the wall!

Top 5 Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

1. Facilehome Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror

Kicking off the list with one of the best overall wall mounted ironing boards on the market. The Facilehome is highly affordable and offers multiple great features that make it a great value for money.

The cabinet comes with a triangle bracket design that helps it stay quite sturdy and more stable than the standard hinge design.

Another great feature of that cabinet is that it comes with a built-in mirror on the backside of the cabinet door, which can be very practical and decorative!

Moreover, it comes with two small hooks above the mirror to hang clothes while ironing! Buyers loved the small size yet highly functional cabinet of the ironing board. They also stated that the ironing board is very stable and sturdy to handle ironing.

The only thing that some users complained about was the broken mirror upon delivery. However, they reported that the seller refunded them the price of the mirror, and some of them loved the design without the mirror better!

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2. Ivation Wall Mounted Foldable Ironing Board


The Ivation ironing board is a remarkably inexpensive option that works very well for users with very limited space and buyers on a strict budget.

The extremely compact design is composed of a frame that carries a foldable board with sturdy anchors that can hold up to 25 lbs.

The high release lever prevents the ironing board from accidentally opening, which comes in handy if you have kids.

Additionally, the 100% cotton cover is designed to be removable, allowing you to wash it easily in a washing machine. 

Users praised the functionality and reliability of the design, especially for its budget-friendly price. Of course, the main drawback of the design is the lack of cabinet construction.

However, it’s still much more cost-effective to build your own cabinet for this iron board than going for a more expensive option with a cabinet design.

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3. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center with 42 Inch Ironing Board

The Iron-A-Way has a great interior design that allows you to store a premium size iron conveniently. It also has a sleek exterior design that makes it stand out as an aesthetically pleasing decorative cabinet in your house.

The ironic center comes with a 42-inch ironing board made of polyester and cotton blend. The wall mounted ironing board comes with a built-in electrical system that conveniently allows you to iron without making a huge mess or worry about the power cord.

The shutter door of the ironing board is fitted with two top hooks to hang the clothes while ironing.

Users enjoyed the simple exterior and the advanced interior of the ironing board. The single-leg support system seems to work quite well as very few people complained of any stability issues.

The only problem here is that some people would’ve loved it if the ironing board comes with a built-in mirror, but all in all, it’s a wonderful ironing system!

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4. Household Essentials 18300-1 Iron ‘N Fold Ironing Board

The Household Essentials Iron ‘N Fold ironing board is a premium system that offers a unique ironing experience.

The wall-mounted system comes with a 100% cotton ironing board that has adjustable stands, allowing you to control the height at which you use the machine.

This makes it ideal for use by different family members with different heights. The sliding door design also gives a unique style and extra security to the ironing board.

A lot of buyers absolutely loved the ironing board, saying that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. They specifically liked the device’s sturdiness and reliability.

In addition to being a bit tricky to put together, some buyers didn’t like the premium price tag of the board. However, an ironing board with such quality is expected to not come at a cheap price.

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5. Organizedlife Wall Mount Ironing Board Center Cabinet with Mirror and Storage Shelves

Lastly, this Organizedlife ironing board also rocks a cabinet design with a mirror. The cabinet body is made of MDF wood and has 3 storage shelves to allow you to store all the needed items inside, such as the iron. This space fit irons that are 37.4 x 14.0 x 6.9  inches or smaller.

The cabinet uses a folding lid support system to stabilize the ironing board, which is decently durable but not as powerful as the triple one. However, it also uses a bottom vertical pillar to make up for the non-powerful hinge.

One of the things that make this design unique is the reliable locking latch on the back of the ironing board. 

Users really loved the ease of installation of the ironing board, with many of them describing the board as a device to get the job done. A few users felt that the board is a bit flimsy, but quite doable, especially for the great price tag.

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Wrap Up

There you have it. A complete guide that walks you through everything you need to know before deciding on the best wall mounted ironing board.

As you can see, it’s quite essential for an ironing board to be sturdy, well balanced, and accommodate all your ironing needs in one convenient spot.

For these reasons, we recommend Facilehome Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror as the best overall option on the market because it offers everything you need in an ironing board while staying relatively affordable. 

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