The Best Tabletop Ironing Board 2019

While choosing a high-quality iron cannot be overstated, it’s only half the battle in achieving well-ironed clothes. Without the right ironing board, it makes this boring task more time-consuming. The right tabletop ironing board will give you effortless ironing without taking half the space in your free room. It is flexible enough to fold and unfold smoothly, and it should also be well-cushioned, lightweight and easy to store.

After researching the best tabletop ironing boards on the market, two brands stood out.

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

If your home is not grand on space, you’ll need the convenience of a small print tabletop ironing board. The Honey-Can-Do model is an exceptional addition as you can tuck it away after use. It is portable hence it is also suitable for dorm rooms and studio apartments.

I went looking for an ergonomically designed tabletop ironing board after my back couldn’t stop aching after ironing a ton of clothes while using my old model. I found the features on the Honey-Can-Do quite interesting. Let me share my findings with you.

Folds fast and easy

This ironing board collapses flat to half its height. This makes it easy when storing away so it won’t be taking a permanent position in your house. It also opens up quickly with less effort. The stand is quite sturdy as it maintains its stability when ironing on uneven platforms.   

Retractable Iron Rest

With the retractable ironing rest, it helps when setting down the iron in between uses. This prevents any scorching of the top and even your clothes when you need to take a break. The iron rest is metallic to enable placing the iron when it’s facing down. You no longer have to worry about the iron toppling over whenever you leave it resting upright.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a cotton cover and a foam pad on the top. It is cushy enough to offer a soft rest for your clothes. You can even use it for steaming as it can absorb the excess steam.
  • It’s a space-saving tool for small homes. It opens to only 5.5inches height, so you just need to look for the ideal position to place it and iron your outfits.
  • It has hooks that you can use to hang it upright. This keeps it away from the areas you need to access.
  • It uses a sturdy frame that cannot come apart even if you press down a lot when ironing.
  • Requires little to no maintenance- just ensure you store it in a dry place
  • It is available in lots of colors. It favors everyone who likes to match their appliances with the décor or hues in the home.

Customers Views

The Honey-Can-Do is an incredible design that has received over 500 reviews on Amazon. Only a few customers raised concerns; “It keeps collapsing when using…but serves the purpose for the price.”

Apart from the collapsing issue, many owners are happy with their purchase. “Handy ironing board…just right for my bachelor apartment,” and, “Great for quick jobs…it is lightweight and convenient.”

With the many satisfied customers, it quite obvious that this ironing board is a worthy investment.

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Brabantia Ironing Board Size C with Steam Iron Rest


An ironing board is an investment, and if you don’t want to go back to the store soon, you’ll want to spend your money wisely. The Brabantia ironing board is not your usual model as it is wide to provide a broad working surface.

This model has impressive features, and it’s what you want when looking for quality and quantity at the same time. I researched the features and here’s what I found.

Ergonomically Designed

The Brabantia Ironing board is adjustable from a height of 30-38inches. You have four settings to choose from to ensure you keep a straight back. This saves you from aches and muscle pains when you have to go through several laundry baskets.

Extra wide worktop

When ironing wide fabrics, it’s quite hard to get to every inch on a small ironing board. The Brabantia model provides that convenience by having an extra wide surface.  You can place both legs of your dress pants on it as well as place shirts and blouses on the shoulder-shaped side.

Features and Specifications

  • It uses non-skid, heat-resistant strips on the base layers to prevent the ironing from sticking to the surface.
  • The four-leg frame is sturdy and slip-resistant. It has a construction of steel to stabilize it when pressing clothes fast.
  • It comes with a child-lock to prevent it from collapsing in the middle of use. Alongside the child-lock is a transport lock that keeps it folded during transport.
  • The non-slip caps come in handy when using it on slippery surfaces. It won’t rock back and forth when rested on uneven surfaces.
  • It has a foam underlay that provides ample padding for even pressing of clothes. The cover is 100% cotton. It is resilient, stain-resistant and should last in excellent condition for a long time.
  • It is lightweight for its size-only 19pounds
  • It has 10-years warranty period.

Customers Reviews

The Brabantia tabletop ironing board is ideal for ironing regularly. The stability, ergonomics, size, and design make it the most sought ironing board on Amazon. It has over 700 reviews most of which are happy views.

But there are a few concerns here and there as one customer put it; “I don’t think it’s worth the money…my iron cord keeps getting tangled in the iron rest.”

However, owners who are satisfied with their buy have some stunning comments about it. “It’s the best ironing board I have ever owned…it’s also very stylish,” and, “I love that this board is very stable…great quality too.”

From what you can tell, it’s super easy to pick this model just from the positive remarks.

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To get real value for the money you spend on a tabletop ironing board, you have to check the quality of the model in question. The Honey-Can-Do is a small portable ironing board for small spaces while the Brabantia model is ideal for grand homes where ironing requires ample room. Regarding the uses you need to meet, I believe you can choose one of the models here, and it will serve you well.  

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