The Best Ironing Board For A Steam Generator Iron

Steam generator irons are much bigger than traditional steam irons. If you own a steam generator iron, you know how difficult it is to set it on a regular ironing board. But buying an ironing board specifically for that purpose may seem like a substantial investment. I like to think of it as a long-term convenience that’s why I went looking for a model that is durable and dependable.

After investigating the models on the market, if found two brands that stacked up to the needs of many people. These units have rust-resistant iron holders alongside sturdy frames to support the weighty steam generator irons.


Brabantia Size C Steam Generator Ironing Board

The Brabantia Ironing Board is a popular choice, and if you own a steam generator iron, you’ll want a model that can handle the weight and stability needs of your type of steamer.

I find that most of the ironing boards on the market are designed to handle simple steam irons as you can tell from the stand and iron rest. I investigated the Brabantia Size C model, and these are the features I found.

Steam Unit Holder

One feature that has to qualify this ironing board as the perfect choice for steam generator irons is the holder. And true to its claims, the Brabantia carries a wide solid holder that can be of use with any steam generator iron as well as other steamers. It is an all-around unit which means you don’t have to invest in different types of ironing boards.

Sturdy Worktop and Stand

Another incredible aspect of this unit is that it carries a robust worktop. It is extra stable to support hard pressing when steaming your garments. The stand is also super steady thanks to the steel construction. It is virtually unbreakable so it will never collapse in the middle of working.

Features and Specifications

  • This ironing board has several under layers that are heat and stretch resistant. The cover is 100% cotton, and it is blended with foam to create a cushioned surface. The underlay is also viscose to ensure it will not lose its structure any time soon.
  • The frame is adjustable from 75-98cm to help you work with a straight back.
  • The four-leg frame has protective caps that keep it stable on both carpeted and uneven surfaces.
  • It has a built-in child lock system which prevents the unit from collapsing after you lay it out.
  • The holder can support steam generator irons that weigh up to 15 pounds.
  • It has an extra-wide worktop to support steaming of large fabrics like drapes.

What Customers have to say

It’s quite amazing to see a unit that weighs little has all the features you’d like to see in a steam generator ironing board. Many customers are satisfied with the Brabantia brand mainly because it is sturdy and wide.

So far, no customer has voiced their concerns. There are many positive remarks including, “I no longer have to worry about my steam generator iron falling off the ironing board,” and, “It’s solid as a rock…my iron is very heavy, and it does not wobble.”

With that, you can see why you will also fall for the features it offers.

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Mabel Home Extra Wide Pro Board

The Mabel Home Ironing Board has an exceptionally good design to support steam generator irons. It makes ironing much easier without the worries of collapsing. If you can’t find the ideal ironing board to support all your irons, then you’ll want to look at the Mabel Home brand.

Here are the features I found most interesting.

Heavy-Duty Padded Cover

When using heavy irons, the cover seems to be the first to thin out because of the hard pressing. The Mabel Home ironing board carries a 100% cotton cover that has dense foam overlays. It is heat resistant, and it can retain the plush feel for a decent period. It offers you smooth gliding since it resists sticking.

Convenient Worktop

This product has a broad top that provides simple ironing for wide articles like bedsheets. It also has a retractable shoulder wing system that enables you to iron shirts, blouses, and jackets with ease. It provides perfect ironing without leaving any iron marks on your clothes. I like that the height is adjustable from 27.5inches to a maximum of 35inches.

Features and Specifications

  • The Mabel Home has a large, robust, heat resistant outboard support tray. It can hold steam generator irons since the ironing board weighs a good 19.7 pounds.
  • The metallic frame is powder coated to provide extra durability. It is rust and corrosion resistant. Hence, it is ideal for heavy use both at home or for commercial use.
  • The child safety lock comes in handy to ensure stability during ironing. It is also important to ease transport and mobility as it keeps it from coming apart.
  • The outboard tray comes with a cord holder for simple storage of your irons.
  • It comes with the clothes hanging rail, a storage basket, and an extra cover.

What are Customers saying?

The Mabel Home Extra Wide Ironing Board offers a simple solution if you own a steam generator iron. It is heavy-duty, and the tray is sturdy enough to support large irons. Many customers have tested and attested it is a reliable product.

The only complaint is the flexibility. One customer said, “I am finding it hard setting it up in confined places.”

Other satisfied customers said, “The unique features on this board are excellent…love it,” and, “I love the extra width,” and, “I am very pleased with this ironing board…I am happy I finally found an ironing board that I like.”

I find this ironing board commendable for the top-quality features. I am sure it will deliver the same excellent results.

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A steam generator iron has to go hand in hand with an ironing board that can support its weight. With the two top models on this list, I hope you’ll find either of them useful for all your needs. They have reliable holders as well as metallic frames that retain a stable structure.


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