The Best Ironing Board for Sewing 2020

Every sewing project needs a decent ironing board since you need to iron every piece of fabric before you cut it. Even after the cutting, you need to iron the seams as well as the final product. When choosing an ironing board for sewing, it should be supportive of your type of iron, especially if you are using a heavy steam iron.

I have scoured what the market has to offer in terms of a dependable ironing board for sewing, and I found two outstanding products.

Bartnelli Multi-Layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

The Bartnelli Multi-Layered Ironing board is a perfect fit for home and commercial use. For dressmakers, you understand the need for an extra-wide ironing board that’s going to take up much of the fabric to make work easier.

I have been looking for that ironing board that is sturdy, broad, and of high-quality. The Bartnelli meets these qualifications and here’s what I found about it.

Multi-Layered Design

The Bartenelli model enjoys dense under layers which provide a plush surface to support lots of ironing needs. It is by no means an entry-level brand since they know what it takes to make a board that is well-padded. It uses foam and 100% cotton. It prevents any formation of iron marks hence facilitating the use of the board with delicate fabrics.

It can withstand heat, and it also keeps clothes from sticking. Not to mention, it carries a metal mesh top that is ideal for steaming since it lets moisture evaporate at high rates.

Sturdy Build

The A-frame stand on this ironing board is metallic. It provides reliable support by preventing any collapse. Better still the frame has an anti-corrosion finish which helps to preserve it in great condition. You can expect it to serve you for the longest time possible.

Features and Specifications

  • This board has an adjustable height of 30-38 inches. These are four different heights which makes it possible for lots of people to use it at a comfortable level.
  • The worktop measures 51×19 inches. This is enough space for major ironing tasks including quilting and knitting.
  • It has a steam iron rest which is useful when taking breaks in between uses.
  • It comes with protective feet that stabilize it on uneven floors and also keeps it from scratching delicate surfaces.
  • It has a child lock that prevents it from collapsing.
  • The unit folds flat making it easy for storage.
  • It has a convenient hanging rail to put all your pieces after ironing.

What customers are saying

The Bartnelli ironing board makes works easier for a seamstress. It is large, the height is adjustable, and the iron holder is quite stable. After extensive testing by customers on Amazon, many are happy with their purchase.

However few have concerns as one customer put it; “I wish it could close completely when storing upright.”

Apart from the folding complaint, other customers have this to say, “Very sturdy…excellent surface area,” and, “Hands down the best ironing board I’ve ever owned,” and, ”Very stable…perfect for quilting.”

With owners showing their satisfaction from using the Bartnelli ironing board, I feel it’s commendable and will perform with excellence for you.

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Parker Extra Wide Pro Board Ironing Board

The Parker model is yet another popular choice for sewers. It is not only wide, but it also has foldable shoulder wings. For the busy quilter who needs an ironing board that is firm and not squishy.

It’s on a rare occasion that you find an ironing board that can support sewing because most of them use soft foam. But the Parker is nothing like that. After investigating the features, here’s what I found.

Convenient Ironing Features

First, you have an ironing board whose cover has multiple layers. It is thick and heavy making it firm enough for use with various types of fabrics. It also becomes especially useful to sewing projects by adding to the quality of your fabric. This is because it contributes to the compacting of the fibers on the fabric instead of stretching and damaging them.

Wide Surface Area

With a worktop of 19×58 inches, it’s quite obvious the kind of work you can accomplish with it. No wonder it comes recommended for industrial use. Whether you have extra-large fabrics or tablecloths, bed sheets and the like, it’s your go-to for quick completion of ironing tasks.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a solid, heat-resistant tray for use with an iron or steamer.
  • It comes with unique and exclusive shoulder pads that make ironing of jackets, blouses, and shirts effortless.
  • The metallic frame is sturdy. It supports frequent pressing without losing its balance. It is powder coated which means it resists rust and corrosion to enable long-term use.
  • The child lock is a safe means of protecting the unit from collapse.
  • It has a cord holder to keep the cord away from the clothes you’ll be ironing.
  • It comes with a garment rail that is convenient for hanging your outfits immediately after ironing.

What Customers have to say about the Parker Pro Board

This ironing board is quickly becoming a favorite among many seamstresses reason being its firmness. The height is adjustable, and it maintains its stability for heavy usage.

Despite its popularity, some customers are a bit dissatisfies. This is what one had to say, “I don’t like that it has some plastic parts…it feels flimsy to me.”

That’s one isolated concern as others are overwhelmingly happy. “Very heavy and sturdy…it’s of excellent quality,” and, “Incredible…Parker surpassed all of my expectations,” and, “The width is terrific…just perfect for ironing shirts.”

This product meets many people’s expectations, and I believe it’s going to do the same for you.

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There you have it; the best ironing boards for sewing. These two models are just incredible. They are both wide, sturdy, height adjustable, and most of all they are firm. For the avid quilter, you’ll find that they give satisfactory results.

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