Bartnelli Pro Luxury Extra Wide Ironing Board Review 2023: Not Your Average Ironing Board

The Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board is definitely not what comes to mind when you think of an ironing board.  From the floral pattern on the cover to the heavy duty legs and non-skid feet, this is an ironing board that makes a statement.  There is no confusing this ironing board with some rinky dink 20 year old 5 dollar ironing board.

In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board to unpack just what makes it different from other ironing boards, and whether people think it is worth the price point.  It has plenty of good reviews, but do its features stack up?

Multi-Layer Cover Optimizes Your Iron’s Steam

No Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board review would be complete without talking about the multi-layer cover, which is designed to optimize the way the steam interacts with your garments.

There are 4 components to the cover:

  • 100% extra thick cotton top layer
  • Foam layer
  • Felt layer
  • Metal mesh top

The foam and felt layers help withstand the heat and keep clothes from sticking to the iron.  The underlying metal mesh top allows the steam to pass through and evaporate. The overall benefit is that the maximum amount of steam gets to pass between the iron and the garment without dampening the garment or causing it to stick to the iron which can lead to scorching.

Matched with a good iron with a 400-hole soleplate, you can achieve some nice glidability with your ironing, which not only allows you to finish more clothes faster but also saves you from having a sore elbow or forearm.

Adjustable Height While Remaining Sturdy

The Bartnelli Pro Luxury is designed to be both adjustable and sturdy.  

It has 4 different adjustable heights that range between 30 and 38 inches.  If you have different people in your family that need to do ironing at different times, they can easily move the board between its different ehights.

The heavy duty legs keep the ironing board from getting wobbly like many other ironing boards.  It basically plants itself on the floor won’t move until you are ready to move it.  

If you’re concerned about putting such a heavy duty item on your hardwood flooring, the anti-skid feet are encased in stoppers that keep your floor from getting scratched while also preventing the board from sliding around.

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  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 20 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 21.7 pounds
  • Ironing surface: 51 x 19 inches (although it’s got a bowed, non traditional shape)
  • Sturdy iron rest can support either steam station or resting iron


This ironing board is designed with EU quality standards, which basically are focused on increasing product safety and quality.  The heavy duty leg design and non skid feet are as a result of this approach.

The practical shelf attached to the end of the board is very heavy duty and can be used for an entire steam station, or you can lay the iron on the rest while you swap or move a garment.  The rest can also serve as a hanging rack to hold either your already ironed shirts or the queue.


As can be expected from something called “Pro Luxury”, this is a more expensive ironing board than others out there.  I’ll talk more about the price point in the next section.

Although the ironing surface is large, the actual width is slightly variable due to the bowed, surfboard shape.  For ironing large items such as sheets, this can be tricky to manage. You may find yourself struggling to keep the sheet from sliding off the board which can get frustrating very quickly.

The floral pattern on the cover is also rather busy on the eyes.

Here’s a video review from  Bri Shrout :

What Customer Reviews Say

This ironing board currently has around 500 reviews.  Of these, 80% are 5 star reviews and around 5% are 1 star reviews.

Many of the reviews involve customers being initially cautious about the price, and then being pleasantly surprised and relieved that the product was worth the additional price point.  The 2 to 4 star reviews are mostly focused on the price and are where some additional nuance can be found. If you’re finding yourself struggling with the price point on this ironing board, I’d recommend diving into the reviews to see if there’s one that resonates with you.

Of the negative reviews, the majority are the occasional defective product.  Another trend that comes up in the reviews is that the plastic foot cover seems to crack or otherwise snap off often.  Perhaps in the future the manufacturer can upgrade this component to a rubber one instead of plastic.


This is quite a boat of an ironing board.  I would likely change the cover to a more muted color, but otherwise the Bartnelli Pro Luxury would make a good addition to your ironing room setup.  The heavy duty legs and adjustable height get a lot of the glory, but for me what sets this one apart is the care that went in protecting the clothes – the extra thick foam cover and metal mesh top really allow you to get a great amount of steam right where it is supposed to go.


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