Are Garment Steamers Allowed on Cruise Ships?

If you are planning on taking a cruise, you may have a packing list right in front of you. One of the things you might be thinking about bringing with you is a garment steamer. However, cruise ships may prohibit certain items depending on the company.

You may have clothes that can get wrinkled while moving from Point A to Point B. So it could make a ton of sense to you to bring a garment steamer on board, right?

Not so fast! Let’s quickly answer this question as to whether or not you can. We’ll also explain further as to why.

Are Garment Steamers Allowed on Cruise Ships?

The short answer: no. To explain this better, steamers and irons are not allowed to be on board because they can pose a fire hazard. Whether you are staying in a much larger suite or someplace smaller on board, having a fire occur inside your room can also spell disaster for everyone else on board.

The last thing you want to do is to cut everyone else’s vacation short by accidentally catching something on fire. Don’t be discouraged by this in the slightest. We’re going to present to you a better alternative.

What Can You Do?

There is one onboard solution if you need wrinkles ironed out or something steamed. Your cruise ship will have a laundry service with everything you need to take special care of your clothing.

Whether it’s washing, drying, or perhaps dry cleaning (if available), it can be done! For anything minor, they may provide you with some alternatives such as wrinkle release spray (which you can get on your own).

If the clothes you plan on packing are already wrinkled, try to wash and dry them. Iron them if you need to. However, we highly suggest leaving the iron (or the garment steamer at home).

If something happens to your clothes while you are on board, you don’t have to wait until the next port of call. The laundry service will be accessible most of the time during your time on a cruise.

There may be hours of operation, so be sure to ask a member of the cruise staff regarding laundry service and when you can be able to get your clothes cleaned, unwrinkled, and so on.


Leaving the garment steamer at home is the best idea for when you are going on a cruise. Don’t be discouraged by this. It’s for safety purposes for not only you but also for the other passengers.

While you are traveling on a cruise, you have plenty of amenities to take advantage of, one of them being the onboard laundry service. If you have some pesky wrinkles to deal with, they’ll take care of it.  They might just get it done all on the same day.

After all, you and your wrinkled clothes may deserve a bit of royal treatment while you’re sailing the seas!