Aickar Portable Garment Steamer 180ml 800W Powerful Clothes Steamer Review



The Aickar Garment Steamer is a super compact product, and if you like traveling, you’ll want the convenience of having polished clothes, no matter where the journey takes you.

My other small steam iron broke down, and I feel it’s time to upgrade to another high-quality and portable steam iron for my upcoming business trips. Just like me, you may need something that can fit into a suitcase, and is safe at the same time. Upon looking at the Aickar Garment Steamer, I can tell it has most of the features you’d like to see on a portable steam iron.

Here are the features:

Lightweight and a Subtle Size

When looking to own a portable steam iron, the weight and size are very essential features. The Aickar Garment Steamer seems to meet these qualifications since it weighs only 1.8 pounds. It goes contrary to the standard box designs that are usually heavy and clunky. It is streamlined such that it takes an upright position in your travel bag. This makes it easy to balance the weight of the things you bring along to a trip.

Comfortable and Easy Controls

The fact that this steam iron has an ergonomic switch makes it super easy to use. It offers you the control when turning it ON and OFF so you’ll have constant heat for simple steaming. It heats up water in 2-minutes so you won’t be waiting forever to achieve a polished look.

Although you can’t vary the amount of steam, there will be no fumbling with the settings when using this model.  You don’t have to be a professional quilter to know how to use the Aickar Garment Steamer correctly.  

Features and Specifications

  • 180ml water tank capacity provides hot steam for 12-minutes. This means you can get every piece of your outfit ready within a short time.
  • 800wattage gives it the energy to produce hot steam.
  • It can handle all types of fabrics including silk, satin, polyester, and even lace. The steam is not that powerful to damage delicate fabrics like silk.
  • It can remove dust mites, bacteria, and odor because of the high power thus freshening up your clothes.
  • The 9-ft power cord lets you move with ease on a 250-sqft area. You may not need to invest in a power strip to add some length to the cable.
  • It is ETL approved for safety. This means it complies with the North American Safety standards for overheating.
  • It uses a cast aluminum heating plate which distributes heat evenly over the surface. It is more efficient than models that use aluminum balls.
  • The vertical steaming makes it useful for hanging clothes, draping, and upholstery. It is an all-around steam iron for occasional use at home.
  • Uses regular tap water, so there’s no need to go looking for distilled water.
  • Handheld design provides you with a comfortable grip that lets you work without feeling fatigued.
  • It has a 30-day trial period, 1-year warranty, and a lifetime of customer support.

What Customers are saying?

The Aickar Garment Steamer fits the bill for on the go steam ironing. It heats up fast and produces lots of steam with only 180ml capacity. It also packs in small print to facilitate carriage.

With most of the customers praising this product, it cannot lack some snags that I feel are worth noting. One customer said, “It spits when you put too much water,” and “It does not have an auto-shut-off feature.”

These flaws are not such a big deal since you can manually turn the unit ON and OFF, plus you can put the right quantity of water to prevent spitting.

Otherwise, owners are happy with their buy, “I am very pleased with the results…I have it for a while now,” and “It’s a nice little steamer that works perfectly for my holiday clothes,” and “I can steam many clothes in one sitting…it’s just a plus for me.”

From the many praises and high Amazon rating, it is pretty easy to recommend this steam iron for all your steaming needs on the go.

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The Aickar Garment Steamer meets the demands of the avid traveler. It heats up pretty fast, irons lots of clothes in one refill, it’s safe, and can iron every type of fabric. Its main attraction is the compact size which is a must for persons who want to fit it in small bags and travel cases.


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