Brabantia Ironing Board Review

When moving into a new home and shopping for a new set of household appliances, we tend to forget about the small stuff that helps us most in our day-to-day chores. The ironing board is one of them. Although it’s not very exciting to shop for one, using a good ironing board makes sure that your clothes come out tidy and crisp after ironing, while also making the task more bearable.

While most old, second-hand ironing boards can’t promise this, we are lucky that we live in a time of innovation and convenience. New models of ironing boards are designed to speed up the process of ironing and avoiding unnecessary difficulty.

One ironing board that I would like to talk about in this article is the Brabantia Ironing Board (with steam iron rest). It has a wide surface for faster ironing, adjustable height settings so you can set it up to the height you are most comfortable with, and a sturdy iron rack and child safety lock to avoid possible accidents.

Claims and specifications: Brabantia Ironing Board

  • Wide work surface
  • Adjustable height settings from 30 to 38 inches
  • A range of safety features
  • Quick and comfortable ironing
  • 100% cotton cover with ice water design
  • With cord binder and stretch system
  • Four-leg Ivory frame with protective non-slip caps
  • Built-in child safety lock
  • Measures 49 x 15 inches

Like the average person, I wasn’t too excited when this came in the mail. It was an ironing board, what could I expect? Granted, it had some cool features that you wouldn’t find in a cheap one, but still. So, I carefully learned how to set it up so that I would already know how to when I need to do some ironing.

It was surprisingly easy. Unlike my old, rusty, wobbly ironing board, it felt like one quick move setting this one up, including tweaking its height setting. But I couldn’t judge it until I started to use it regularly. I have been using it for more than a month now, and here are my thoughts.

First, let me tell you how impressed I am every time I use this because of how well made this ironing board is. The base stands still and even, no matter what I put on top of it. I could put the heaviest pressure on it when ironing and it would not wobble to the point of disrupting me as my old board would.

The legs and the surface of the board are very sturdy and I give props to the manufacturer of this ironing board. Even on a carpeted floor, this remains still with very minimal jiggle.

The iron rack is also impressive. It’s obviously well-made, too, and it holds my iron even after a long time of setting it down. Instead of the iron being “face down” on the rack, this one has it almost standing up – I imagine it like leaning against a metal railing – making it easier to lift-up when I need it again. And since the ironing board is solid, I do not live in fear that it might tip over when I put the iron down.

Now, let us talk about the performance of the ironing board. It has such a nice, wide surface that makes it easier and faster to iron clothes because I can lay such a huge portion of clothing at a time. I also don’t need as much pressure and effort as I needed with my old ironing board because of the fantastic padding, which feels comfortable to the touch.

Additional comments: The height adjustment lets me set it to a much lower height so I can iron while sitting down on a stool when I feel tired. Sometimes I start off sitting down anyway. It’s also not too heavy, which is surprising when you think about how solid the whole thing feels. I can carry it around the house, from room to room, without much effort. I can’t find anything to complain about with this ironing board at all!


  • Easy setup
  • Very sturdy and doesn’t rock or tip over, even on soft surfaces
  • The position of the iron rack makes it easier to lift up the iron
  • The iron rack is solid and sturdy
  • Well-made and high quality
  • Wide work surface for faster ironing
  • Perfect amount of padding for faster ironing
  • Adjustable height setting allows for options
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to transport


  • I cannot think of anything to complain about!

The Verdict:

The Brabantia Ironing Board is the best one I have tried in my life. It’s made of only top-quality materials, which I can tell from its performance for the past month that I’ve been using it almost every other day. I highly recommend this ironing board.

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This One Makes Our List Of Best Ironing Boards Out There!

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